Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ball Game Contest

I wasn't really sure whether I should post this entry as I was afraid that it could be one of those boring entry. Anyway, I decided to go ahead with it. Read it on your own risk.
It was 球技大会 (Kyugi Taikai) in my kosen today. Translating it directly would be Ball Game Contest. I know that sounds weird. Basically, we will be playing with balls today. Among others are basketball, volleyball, softball and dodgeball. Softball was cancelled due to the rain. Futsal was another one being held today.
one of the volleyball game
Normal stuff, having our attendance taken in the gymnasium as early as 8.40 in the morning. I though we could at least sleep later than usual, but it wasn't to be. Basketball and volleyball was held in the morning, while dodgeball and futsal after lunch.
can anyone tell me what the guy on the left was trying to do?
As I have mentioned already in one of my previous entry that I don't play basketball, so I just went and watched the volleyball game first. My class already lost even in the first game to team 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering.
After a while and it got me bored, I changed to another gymnasium for the basketball game. Again here, I was just watched from the sidelines without taking part.
my 'oh-so-blow' class teacher with the rest of my classmates
Then something unexpected happened. One of my classmates who is in the basketball team came and asked me if I would like to play in the next game. I hesitated at first.
"Why? Dowan to play isit? You can enter la."
"You sure you want me to enter meh? I very sesat wan ler. I scared later I'm going to kambing in the game ler".
"Haiyo, don't so cheong hei la. Just enter nia la!"
And so, I became the bidan terjun of the day. I agreed although I don't have any skills whatsoever in this basketball game. It was just the 5-minute second half of the game and I was relieved that I didn't basket that game for my team. At least I made an assist for my teammates at one time. *smiles*
I didn't play in the next few games already. We progressed until the semi-final, where we met team 4th Year Civil Engineering. They was dubbed as the team to beat in this competition. The game was close, so close that it was tied at 12-a-piece after full time.
So to decide the team progressing to the final, they had free-throws, just like penalty-kicks in football. First shot by the opposition, he missed. And you got this.
his reaction reminded me of Roberto Baggio in World Cup 1994
First throw by our team, and it went in. For the next 2 shots, all 4 players missed their throws. Then came the 4th round of free-throws. The opposition missed and hence, it gave us the chance to win it if our 4th thrower gets it right.
And he did.
the winning shot
As we had cleared the so-called best team in the competition, we had team 4th Year Chemical Engineering in the final. We are facing an opponent who only plays with white mice everyday.
Mb4 vs M3 - Final of the basketball competition
They have been saying that if we manage to beat the favourite team in the semi-final, there shouldn't be any problem whoever we will face in the final.
As expected, it wasn't really a competition, especially went you got this at half time.
2-18 was the score at half time
Realizing that it was too easy for us, the team made some changes, giving way to those who haven't played yet. Even my class monitor got into the game later on in the second half.
Even with the rojak team we put in, we still managed to steal some points, but at the same time, we did allow the opponents to score some consolation as well. Just not wanting to make the final score looked too unbalance I guess.
So, this is the final score.
8-24 makes it looked like a Malaysian football team playing against Man Utd (second team)
After lunch, it continued with futsal. This time, I'm playing in it. We faced team 2nd Year Electrical Engineering. It ended scoreless at full time. But the playing time was merely 5 minutes. How would you expect us to score at least a goal within that short period?
The next thing I knew, it was something that just made me damn tulan. Instead of the usual penalty-kicks, you will never be able to guess what donkey method that they used to determine the winner.
Jankeng a.k.a. Oo-som (One, two som).
Here the Oo-som is kinda different form what we used to have in Malaysia. Usually we got four types of signs, namely glass, paper, stone and scissors. Here they got all of them except for glass.
We lost that game by jankeng-ing. Just imagine it! I don't mind if we lose it by penalty-kicks, but jankeng? Never! I don't think their players were better than us. They were just plain.
Sour grapes it might sound, but I just don't like how they decide the winner. Even the favourite team for this futsal competition lost their first match by this jankeng thing.
I know I shouldn't take this seriously because afterall, it was just a game. I guess I will just go and have my well-deserved rest and perhaps figuring out some better ways for them to decide the winner next time.
Anyone with any idea?
P/S: Lesson of the Day: You don't have to be good with playing with your balls in these kind of games. You should practise more on your fingering skills.


michelleg said...

that sign is glass meh? i tot it's a bird? haha.. oops.. :P

Calvin said...

michelleg: i think bird is also acceptable la. usually when we got stone and glass, the stone will win coz it will break the glass. so if you replace the glass with a bird, still make sense as it will kill the bird :)

Innocent^^Guy said...

so nice got indoor..

Calvin said...

calvinsenpai: your place got only outdoor meh? no indoors ar?

but i understand also la why you was longing for an indoor, especially now got this so-called melaka virus! :P

Innocent^^Guy said...

In msia, or rather malacca, its hard to find a indoor basketball court. In fact got one, but it's not for public use. Even here in Australia, same case. All this while I play also is outdoor wan. As for indoor, I only played once lor, that time MASCA competition.

Calvin said...

calvinsenpai: does that mean you are trying to say i should have gone and make full use of the indoor? i know what's in your mind right now.

"this calvin really damn stewpid la. got facilities also don't want to use! what la!"