Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another Weekend Of Cooking

For today's lunch, I opted for something different. For the first time, I tried something with fish. The fish I used was Chilean salmon. It won't really take so much time as all you need to do is dice those salmon, carrots, big onions, capsicums and tumis them a while.
Then get some big tomatoes, cut the top of them and take out the insides of the tomatoes. Later stuff them with the things you had tumis-ed earlier. Top it with slices of cheese and sprinkle some black pepper and a few drops of olive oil (normal oil will be fine)
Mozzarella salmon

Then put them in the oven and baked it for about 8 to 10 minutes. Make sure you have a look at them from time to time in case they become rentung. As a side dish, I just fried some asparagus and that's my lunch for today.

Calvin's personal rating: 5/10

As for dinner, I changed wind and turned to Japanese dish. After the not very successful fried rice ala Japanese last night, I replaced the rice with noodles. I made yaki soba for my dinner. Again, it was quite a simple dish to prepare it. The ingredients are pork, cut cabbage, carrots and some mushrooms. Fried it like our normal mee goreng and you will get something like this.

焼きそば (Yaki soba)

This must be one of the simplest yet delicious meal I've prepared so far. Trust me, it really taste good!

Calvin's personal rating: 8/10


dodo said...

hey. sory about the info yah. salah tengok pulak. i thought its 14 comments. hehe..eyes si beh small mah. so terrrrrrrrr-salah tengok. haha. btw, i heard that u said u still have more recipes coming up huh. wah seh man! u wana keluar cooking book heh. wats the title ler heh?

Calvin said...

dodo: nothing surpising for dodo the niao, ops sorry, should be dodo the bird to wrong info-ing this entry, right? :P

depends on my mood la. if i come out with a recipe book, make sure you are the first one to get it wor.

the title will be mari belajar masak-masak by dodo the niao. nice? :P

dodo said...

oi u *tut* huh. purposely call me dodo the niao somemore. i told u liao. im cool when u call me dodo the bird instead of NIAO. sounds so ....yeeeeeee...... n ur the book title ar. si beh kiddy ler. wat mari belajar masak masak. so bb title de. er...come out wit a better one lar.

Calvin said...

dodo: that was a typing error. sorry la, okay? but i still think that niao sounds nice. siao niao lagi best! :P

okay la, i won't be niao-ing here liao. you want a lagi best name ar? then you give me a few suggestions la. i will consider them to replace that so-called kiddy name.

TZ said...

Calvin, again i enjoyed reading on what you are cooking for your meal. you do like to try out lots of different food... yummy! I'm hungry now. It's 7pm in Malaysia. what should i have for dinner? :-p

Calvin said...

tz: yea, we are malaysians ma. so must try different kinds of food lor. and it also won't make you bored by having the same thing day after day, right?

as for your dinner, perhaps you would like to try the yaki soba :)

lonehunter88 said...

yakisoba huh? that tastes great anytime ^^

Calvin said...

lonehunter88: long time didn't have yaki soba liao ma. so ma tried making that lor :)