Wednesday, July 18, 2007

8 (5) Random Facts About Me

I've began to sense that I'm getting tagged more often than before nowadays. This will be my second tag of the month! That makes me getting tagged once a week. This time, it came from Jaecy.
It should be 8 random facts about myself. But then, after bargaining with her, she made it just 5 for me. See, my bargaining skills is not bad afterall!
By the way, there's even a rule for this tag! Here are the 5 rules:
  1. Each blogger must post these rules first.
  2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
  4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
  5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

So here we go.

  1. I like wantan mee very much. Don't ask me why but I just like them. Whenever I got back from KL everytime, my parents will surely either take me to the wantan mee stall or ta pao for me even by the time I reached Taiping, it's already 1am!
  2. I'm allergic to dust. That is why I don't like cleaning the room. It's not that I'm lazy or what. It's just because when I do those cleaning stuff which has dust on them, I will aa-choo (sneeze?) for sure. When I start aa-choo, then it will continue for the whole day!
  3. I don't watch anime nor read manga. I know this should surprise one or two of you, but even though I'm in Japan at the moment, I just not into these stuff. Again, don't ask me why. At least I watch Doreamon though ^.^
  4. I have huge feet. My shoe size is 10. In Japan, it will be around size 30 or 31 (cm). That makes me have a hard time everytime I go shopping for shoes. First thing I will look will be the size, instead of the design or price. That should answer you, Jaecy.
  5. I just feel that I must put this down again. I don't play basketball. Period.
  6. I said I'll only do 5 random facts about myself, did I? This will be an extra one. After living on this planet for 7404 days, I experienced my first big M6.6 earthquake two days ago.

I guess I will go against one of the rules above. I will break Rule #5 as I decided not to tag anyone this time although I have targeted someone before this.

So, Michelle, thank your lucky stars as you get lucky this time.


michelleg said...

hontouni? haha. howcome? ur being too nice. i dun deserve this =P

loved wantan mee as well.

and finally, only budak kecik watch doraemon! hahahaaaa... =)

Calvin said...

michelleg: this is called understanding :P

tell me you never watch doraemon before! now, who's more budak kecik?

michelleg said...

hahahhh understanding kononya. i dun mind doing it cos ntg much to write these day :P

i used to watch till secondary skool. now i think abit too old. =)

dodo said...

YUCKS! i paling hate wantan mee! It seems that every mee over the west msia is in black sauce. i hate wantan mee since the 1st day i came here n had a bite on it. It tastes sooooo much different from my Sarawak kolo mee. To me, Wantan mee tastes like u're chewing rubber. Ain't no lying about it heh. Real one. Wait till u get to try on kolo mee, u then know the BIG difference btwn the both of them. Here, let me show u the link of kolo mee.

Calvin said...

michelleg: are you hinting me to throw you with some tags in the future? but before that, don't forget ler. you still hutang me that day. don't pretend that you've forgetten about it liao!

you mean doraemon is too old or it's you who are too old? :P

michelleg said...

haha!! yea i know. but that tag is harder than this, i think :P

of course the obvious which is doraemon too old for me. imnotold imnotold ... =)

Calvin said...

dodo: i'll prefer to take the classy road and not start a war comparing which mee is better.

but your statement about EVERY mee here is in black sauce VERY wrong liao lor. give me another 5 mee that have black sauce!

by the way, since you so bangga about your kolo mee, you better belanja me one plate when i'm back!

Calvin said...

michelleg: so you better settle that hutang first before i tag you again!

aiks, doraemon is too old for you? i thought it should be the other way round wor. you are too old for doraemon, no? :P

TZ said...

Hey dude, there is one nice kolo mee @ Ampang KL. Musa brought me there... btw, i like Wantan Mee too.

Wow! you got tagged every week... you are popular man! :-)

Calvin said...

tz: next time you take me there, can? i've never tried kolo mee before for my whole life although i know people have been saying how nice it is.

actually there was another tag that i got recently. but i'll only be doing that after my exams!

dodo said...

1. wantan mee

2. pan mee

3. claypot mee (mee in black)

4. i dont know wat mee this is. but aint it in black??

5. i dont know wat hor fun this is. but ccc..its in black sauce.

6. since u told me to give u another 5 mee..i assume that's excluded wantan mee right? ok then, here's an additional one. hokkien mee

Calvin said...

dodo: fuhyoh! i asked for the name nia, you straight gave me the links as well! keng!

for the #4 mee, i think it's just the normal mee goreng and meehoon goreng. yes, black.

but the #5 mee not really black la. looks more like curry mee to me.

as for the #6 mee, that's not the REAL hokkien mee. the one you showed is johor/kl style hokkien mee. the REAL hokkien mee is like this:

you can only get this type of hokkien mee in penang and taiping :)

=jaecywong= said...

lazy ppl only do 5 ... hehe bluek!!

anywayz~ i like to eat wantanmee too!! melaka got one stall sell wantanmee very best wan! next time bring u around!

i'm also allergic to dust, in fact, each time i cleaned my room, very dusty of course, i will always catch a flu wan lor.. damn sad

i am an anime fan!!! buy something from japan for me arh!!

yalo.. u so tall, y dun wan play bball? =-=? feel it's a lame game arh~ u play wat sports then?

we're same lor.... feet problems!! haih!!! but i guess in US , they have very huge feet wan lo :) japan leh?

Calvin said...

jaecy: that day you told me you're giving me a discount ma, right? and i still do an extra one for you ler!

we do barter system la. you take me go eat wantan mee, i buy something from japan for you. how? deal?

what's bball? bigball or birdball? :P
haha... anyway, i play football :)

yalor, the US people got tua liap khar ma. that's why there can find tua liap sizes. japan ar? i think they only selling shoes which is only suitable for hamsters nia! -.-

ns29 said...

huh?why many like to compare kolo mee with wantan me har??
1st..lets see..wat i think is..
those black sauce,they actually called gonlou..'dry mix'if translate huh??
gonlou is those hor fun and many else,they can be either with soup,or with black sauce.
as for my dad,he can even order wantan mee with no black sauce not good for health mah..

and the hokkien mee..
hey calvin,the penang hokkien mee,in kl we call that prawn mee la..mee udang.LOL
and hokkien mee is the black one.i like that when i was small.but that mee,got this black suace and also one type of meat..which i think they fried the 'pig meat' until it becomes keras...
except the vege,really nth is good for health...

by the way..I like wantan mee with little black sauce..dont like salty stuff la..

Calvin said...

ns29: from the comments i got, i think i will sum them up like this:

mee with prawn: hokkien mee (in penang) / prawn mee or mee udang (in kl)

mee with black sauce: hokkien char (in penang) / hokkien mee (in kl)

it's because different places have different names for one same type of mee. what do you guys think? okay ar?

p/s: 'char' means fried in hokkien as in char koey teow (fried koey teow).