Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Visit To Big Forest

No, I didn't went for hiking at any forest this afternoon. But I went to 大森 (Omori) or Big Forest. Did I made you blur?
Okay, I went for a trip today with the rest of my classmates. I guess I would rather put it as lawatan sambil belajar although I know that sounds like something for primary school students.
still have to take attendance! like kids nia!
After having our lunch, all of us gathered and off we go to the Big Forest. The journey took about 40 minutes. After reaching that place, I found out that Big Forest is not a forest after all. I looked around. All I saw was buildings, cars and buildings again.
still, there was a big pine tree in front
I guess haven't explain about the Big Forest thing, right? It's actually a factory. A factory that produces machines for food packing. We were given some brief introductions on the history and overview of the company, all those stuff which is a norm when you visit any factories. Well, I'm just trying to be honest here. It was boring.
will you go and read these stuff?
After the introduction, came the main part which was exploring their factory. The first machine is being used for plastic packing. Then there's also one which they use when packing obentou (food set). I'm not sure how to explain the machines in detail. I'll let these pictures do the talking.

the plastic contains nothing inside coz it was just a demo

this is for the obentou wrapper

As the person in charge was explaining how the machines work, which I don't really understand much , I just look around at their machines.

looks like a fridge to me

See no touch. I didn't touch any of the machines. Just looked them from near as I don't want to end up getting wrapped by the machines.

this reminds me of my bicycle back at home

One of their workers tried to brain-washed us that their machines are so good that they don't vibrate when they are turned on. They put a coin on the machine to prove it to us.

I should have take this 500yen coin back

Certainly, I must say this company is not the right one if you are finding for a good vibrator. They just couldn't vibrate!

As I was taking a picture of the whole factory, I noticed there's something fishy in the picture I took.

look at the guy in yellow

Okay la. Since he had noticed I was taking pictures, I let him pose lor. But mana tau, came the whole gang!

the way they stand is something like chimpanzees

On my way walking out of that area, I noticed some racks full of screws. I know I couldn't take them back. So I took a picture instead.

I wish I could use these when I'm screwing someone

Later, it continued with the Q&A session.

another lecture? not again!

I could just remember one thing from that session. It seems that the salary for working in this factory is around 80,000yen (RM2,600). Not bad for a job which require you to play with screws.

these are what their machines produce

not the food, but the packing part

The next stop was Union Tool. This factory produces stuff like screw. You must be wondering why our trip is all about screw, right? I have no idea as well. I guess the person who planned all this must have screwed everything up.

the end product from this company

Besides screw, they produce printed circuits for cell-phones as well. Again, we were given an introduction before we were taken around. But when I was flipping the pamphlets distributed, I came across this thing.

it looks just fine, right?

No, when you read the English part. I know spelling error is a common thing. But for an international company who has branches that spans until the United States, this is something which shouldn't happen, dont you think so? It's okay to spell it boaD, which has no meaning. But how if it's boaR? People will then thinks that this factory produces 'printed circuit boar drills'. Don't ask me what they use that for.

The drills they produce are so fine that it has a diameter of 0.05mm. They are on a research to produce drills which is 0.02mm in diameter. If you couldn't figure it out how thin there are, here is a comparison with human hair.

that is about four times thinner than human hair!

Later we were taken into the factory. No pictures as they are prohibited inside the factory. Anyway, one thing I can tell is it smelled like one kind inside there. Some sort of steel smell.

Overall, I wouldn't say this lawatan sambil belajar thing was boring. But it wasn't really interesting either. Maybe the main plus point for us was that there's no classes for us today. There will be an hostel festival this coming weekend. That should be much more interesting than this one. I'll make an update on that later on.


michelleg said...

why u wanna use a screw when screwing someone? :P if my understanding of screwing is correct that is. haha.. dunno.. i tot it's the other screw. mayb there are 2 meanings.

Calvin said...

michelleg: i guess the other meaning is kind of slang kua. or perhaps i've used it wrongly and screwed up the meaning :P

michelleg said...

haha.. think there are 2 meanings. and u've mixed them both. haha!!

Calvin said...

michelleg: i wasn't making a cake. i didn't mixed them both. i just screwed them down :P

Innocent^^Guy said...

oh yea..Japanese technology, no doubt. Tell me that there is an airplane that is built by the Japanese that doesn't have wings, i'll still hop onto it :P

Calvin said...

calvinsenpai: yea, there is one. but make sure you bring along your superman costume. just in case :P