Friday, June 22, 2007


It's exactly 557 days ago,
Where we went to the same place,
The place that have changed my life.
A complete change,
A change into a new person,
A better person.
And it was that night,
Where I noticed you for the first time.
A glimpse that I couldn't take away from my mind,
For every seconds times that ticks away.
Love at first sight?
In the end,
We ended up knowing nothing about each other.
That's the end?
Or that's just the beginning?
You knew I'm leaving that time,
You told me it's because of study.
But you never gave me a clear answer.
Neither a yes nor a no.
But it was my mistake,
A mistake I should have known earlier,
Or was it really a mistake?
That way will never worked out.
I used to miss you...
I used to whisper your name...
I used to think about you...
I used to love you...
And wonder how you are.
I even cry for you before.
I still feel you sometimes...
Perhaps you're thinking of me?
Or perhaps it's just a little memory,
Of how it used to be.
But now,
It's not like I did before.
Not as often as I used to.
My feelings have changed.
The intense aching I felt,
Isn't there anymore.
It's not because my feeling can change easily,
It's not because I've found a better person,
Isn't it the opposite?
I guess it's you who changed my feeling.
But I'm not blaming you.
I've gone through enough of suffering.
Which I don't want them to continue hurting me anymore.
I'm letting you go now,
So we can both move on.
This will be my last goodbye.
I've nothing else to say.
Everything I felt for you,
Can now just fade away.
P/S: Today's your birthday. I know you won't reading this. But I just wanna wish you a Happy Birthday and hope you'll get what you've been wishing for all this while. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

so...i reli sent ds ting u wrote 2 hr d no regrets d..unless she trus mai read n delete dem la..haha...2 bad la if she reli does

Calvin said...

calyn: OMFG! you really did the unthinkable? what did you had in mind? you'll get me into hot soup, do you know that?