Monday, June 4, 2007

Translations Is Back

I'd promised myself not to blog for this whole week, but I just can't stand my gatal fingers who kept on telling me to post something here. Never mind, I'll post a short entry today. Looking at the title, you should be able to guess what I'll be talking today. Yes, J-English! Perhaps I've been talking too much about it already.
This time is not different as well. My first paper for the mid term exam this morning was 'Japanese language'. Okay, it was actually English. But looking at the way the paper was prepared, it's J-English to me. At least this time, I could see some real English in the instruction part.
First part was a test on word's pronunciation. Some classes taught by other sensei did this pronunciation small test before already every week. But for me, that was my first time. So, what else, I started pronunciating all those words one by one la. I tried my best not to make any sound pronunciating those words that time, but I just couldn't get the answer if I were to pronounce them in heart. So, I make those whisper-like sound, which I don't think anyone heard it though (I hope so!). The test was like pick the word which has a different pronunciation from the others. For example:
consUme, drUg, Union
This one is pretty easy I guess as 'drug' will be the odd one. But this one was a bit catchy.
relIEve, disEAse, carEEr
What do you think? I guess it's 'career', but not very sure though. I'll see what's the answer when I got my paper back. The next few part was test on vocabulary which didn't trouble me. Same goes with the comprehension part. And by the way, there's also a Standard-1-type of susun-perkataan-menjadi-ayat-lengkap question.
Sound interesting, right? But when it comes the translation part, it's not interesting at all. They gave one passage and asked us to translate one of the sentence from the passage into Japanese. Hey, is this an English or a Japanese test after all? Anyway, this was the sentence given:
This cedar was said to be thousands of years old, and it was named Jomon-Sugi.
In the first place, I have no idea what cedar is called in Japanese. But luckily I did flip through the answer sheet the night before, so I translate it like this:
Obviously, I've forgotten the kanji for Jomon-Sugi. Even the hiragana I wrote was wrong! By the way, the answer given was this:
Not bad though, right? At least I got it around 70% right!
2 papers down, 6 more to go... (I've already started my countdown!)


tang yii said...

walauA! u got oni 8 papers?
mech students really raku eh... afifi oso...

I got 12 papers ah!
3 english
2 math
1 nihongo
d rests r senmon....

killed 3 today.still got 9 to go
(T T)

Calvin said...

tang yii: of course raku la. that's the reason i chose kikai! hehe...

well, if i were to count properly, actually i got 10 papers. last week we did two papers already ma. nihongo and english communication :)

Dani said...

I got my exam too!! break for a while

I posted something about marrige on my blog.. enjoy!

"the Dude" said...

cedar/juniper ~ Hinoki atau Tsuga
I think.

I got lots of respect for you all in Japan Univ. Aku kat Calif.