Sunday, June 17, 2007

This Is For You, Daddy

It has been more than 20 years.
When I was still small, I was taken care by my grandma as both of my dad teaches in some school quite a distant from Taiping, while my mum was still studying. However, my mum used to tell me about the bread and water story. My dad will never miss to go to my grandma's place every evening. And every time he went there, he'll bring along bread with him. He'll feed me with the bread he brought with water.

I used to make fun of this when my mum told me about it later when I've grown up. But she always reminds me that it was my dad's tireless effort making the trips to my grandma's place and fed me with a simple piece of bread and water that make we what am I today. How true it was. I know I'll not be starving even though if my dad didn't came everyday. But it was his love for me that he did that.

My dad is also over-protected me when I was small. It's understandable as most parents treat their first child in such way. Even when my pacifier (yes, I sucked it when I was small) drops on the floor, my mum will be made the scapegoat. She'll ended up being scolded or cubit-ed by my dad for not being careful enough on me.

sweet memories - Chinese New Year 2007

When I has grown up, I felt that the communication between my dad and me had became lesser and lesser. But deep down, now I realized that the love he had for me has never fade away. I know I've done enough naughty and bad stuff in front and behind him, enough to make him angry as ever. I've also kena his rotan too often enough before this. He used to chase me all over the house, up and down the staircase with his 1m long rotan. But if not of those rotans, I could never have ended up here today.

I guess I can call my dad a MacGyver since he can almost repair any stuff that is spoilt in the house. So, every time when there's any problem with our watches, alarm clocks, torn shirts, these things will be 'sent' to his room. All of us in do that so often that sometimes, he was gets so fed up (especially when he's not in the mood) and told us to take back out stuff. But my dad is someone who says-that-he-won't-do-it-but-eventually-he'll-do-it type of person. In the end, when his mood gets better, he'll do it for us.

One more thing is that my dad is a very good cook. Most of the time, whenever he's the chef of the day, the stuff cooked by my mum won't be laku at all. Then my mum will feel jealous and start complaining on why we don't eat her stuff. I think my dad have fond for tomato as he uses it in most of his dish. But when it comes to frying vegetable, then I'll prefer my mum's. I used to say that the vege prepared by my dad is only suitable for duck's consumption. It's because he likes to cut those vege into so small cubes and pieces that when he'd done with the vege, it will almost become like porridge. Yes, hancur.

Whenever I tell him about something I wanted to buy (when I was small, it will be some toys and when I'd grown up, it will usually be some gadgets), he'll go look everywhere and try to get the best one for me. People say even simples gestures will means a lot. Yes, indeed it is. One thing that I still remember up until today is that there was one night that our whole family went shopping and I was saying that I feel like eating a tua pau (big pau). That time it was already quite late and almost all the stalls selling pau had tutup kedai. So, he went and round the whole Taiping to look for my pau. Eventually, we didn't find any stall still open at that night and I ended up with a bowl of Maggi.

I'm lucky enough to have a dad, even luckier to have such a wonderful dad. I'll never wished to have a better dad than what I have now coz I know he's the best dad one can have. Thanks guiding me from a little baby to how am I at the moment. Thanks for showering me with your love and wise thoughts. Thanks for rotan me when I was small. I know not even a sea of thank you will be the same value to what you have done for me all these 20 years. Thank you for for everything. I know I'm not that good in writing stuff like this :P

But I just wanted you to know that I LOVE YOU, DADDY!

P/S: I wrote this post on my way to sleep late last night. I felt it was so sweet reminiscing the past memories and I did shed some tears along the way. Certainly, it has made me felt a little bit homesick.

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