Saturday, June 2, 2007


Take any of your Webster's or Oxford English dictionary and try look for the word 'nut-toe'. Okay, since I'm not intending to waste your time looking for your old and worn out little dictionary over the piles of books, let me give you the meaning and definition of the word.
NUT-TOE n. A type of nut (it's bean actually) which smells like a 2-months unwashed toe.
Got any idea what the heck is this? I don't think so, do you? Okay, I'll give a more detailed definition of 'nut-toe'.
NUT-TOE n. A type of nut (it's bean actually) which smells like a 2-months unwashed toe, originated from Japan and popular, especially at breakfast as a source of protein.
Now, I guess you should have known what am I talking about, right?
Yes, you got it! It's NATTO!
Does it look delicious to you? Well, this is a kind of food which the Japanese eat with rice for their breakfast. Yes, they eat rice for breakfast. All this while, I felt that that's weird. But before you think that's something unusual, think again. Isn't the nasi lemak you eat every morning is made from rice?
Okay, back to this natto story, did I mentioned it as 'a kind of food'? I guess I've made a big technical error. How could I call it a food? Know why? Well, it's because it's the worst food that I've ever come across all my life. And the Japanese is eating this sticky, geli thing every morning! How could they?
I tried my first (and last) cup of natto during the first week I'm in Japan. At first impression, I thought, well this is a new thing for me, why not have a try.
Mana tau, after tasting a small portion of it, I was like this is the most terrible food in the human civilisation! Yes, I do mean it. Lucky me coz I didn't pour the whole cup of it onto my rice. If I were to do that, I'm sure I'll only finished my breakfast by the time they start having their supper.

During my Tokyo trip last month, I went to a sushi restaurant and my senpai ordered a kind of sushi (I've forgotten what is it called). I didn't know that sushi he ordered is covered with natto. And the way he tells me how 'delicious' it'll be makes me think I'm getting some kind of sushi.

And how some kind the sushi was! And to top it up, there was a raw egg on top! When it was served, I didn't even think twice. I let him have all the natto sushi.

Why I hate natto so much? I don't think 'hate' is the appropriate word. 'Dislike' would be better I guess. I've got to say I'm not the only black sheep among the foreign students. Most of us here DO NOT consume natto at all. Some even says that it smells like shoes. Are you sick? You seriously took the natto and have a smell? Unbelievable!

Well, if you still can't imagine how does natto look or taste like, just imagine how the Japanese 'love' our durians! And I got to tell you, the Japanese just 'love' our durians, no?

So, fancy a try of nut-toe, anyone?


chwk87 said...

haha...same wif me. I "hate" natto so much. i still remember 1st time i ate
natto. Dunno how to eat.when i put it in my mouth, wat the smell is it? Nearly cnt consumed the rest of my meal. Start from tat, i dun eat natto for breakfast. And now i stop my breakfast coz i really dun likt their

Calvin said...

chwk87: seems that you also had your first and last natto ever, hor?

hmm, i got to say sometimes what they served for breakfast is kinda weird! the normal breakfast of nasi lemak, karipap, roti canai, tosai, wantan mee will always be the best! agree anyone?

ns29 said...

agree here..
I actually din even try that..
the 1st time I see that cup,that they haven't put the sticky thing inside,I just thinking that I don't know the way to eat I didn't take...
and later when I saw they eat that..lagi I sure I dun want to try!!

Unless they cook them with vege,I think I never try natto b4~~

Calvin said...

ns29: the first time i try is because i considered it as a 'safe' food to eat. but i didn't know that we must mixed with don't-know-what sticky black stuff into it and mixed it well before eating it.

cooking natto with vege could be an alternative, but you should see how hard gay turned natto into something delicious! i never knew that was possible! lolz

昌元 said...

"Hey, natto! i heard that it is a tasty japanese food from the japanese. Ok, let's give a try. to eat it? Ohh, pour it all on the rice, and then mix it well. Ok...done. Let's eat it! ......OH MY GOD! WHAT IS THIS? WALAU EH!!! How could those guys eat it as nothing? Okok, i can't just throw this away, at least take it until half of it...oh...i swear i will not eat this thing again!!"

Ya, looks like most of us can't take this natto thing. But no matter how, it was a experince for us, right? At least we have tasted the most terrible food in the human civilisation!! HAHA...

"the Dude" said...

Natto so tasty, cuba lagi sekali, sedap, haha.

(Durian 1000x better than natto! Kim Chee also much better.)

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