Friday, June 15, 2007

My Submission For Pertandingan Puisi Kebangsaan

Demi cintaku
Terhadap negara yang tercinta,
Bumiku yang bertuah,
Dicurahi dengan segala rahmat,
Dan dilimpahi,
Dengan pelbagai species yang lebih dikenali sebagai 'sad case' (sorry, tiada translation untuk this)
Kenyataan tetap kenyataan.
Tiada yang benar melainkan yang benar.
Dan yang tidak benar akan tetap tidak benar.
Tiada yang akan mengubah yang benar menjadi yang tidak benar.
Dan pada masa yang sama,
Tiada yang akan mengubah yang tidak benar kepada yang benar.
Inilah kenyataan...
Kenyataan hidup.
Kenyataan yang harus dilalui
Oleh setiap insan.
Insan yang bergelar manusia.
Atau lebih dikenali sebagai homo,
Bukan homosexual,
Tetapi homosapiens.
Tetapi benar.
Inilah lumrah hidup,
Pahit untuk ditelan,
Berbanding panadol.
Adalah sukar untuk menukar
Sesuatu yang pahit kepada sesuatu yang manis.
Mahupun kepada sesuatu yang masam.
Pahit tetap pahit...
Masam tetap masam...
Manis tetap manis.
Jika ditambah gula sebanyak mana sekalipun,
Air laut tetap masin.
Air tebu tetap manis.
Begitu juga air batu,
Tetap dengan tiada rasa.
Dan air mani tetap dengan rasanya,

Did you guys really went and read the whole puisi I crapped above? You must be kidding me! Even after I read it myself again and again, I still can't really get what I was cock-ing in the whole puisi.

Actually the whole thing above just came out randomly from my mind while I was chatting with my friend. And poor Gaik Li became my mangsa. I kept on typing and typing until he beh song. Guys, give me a break la, can bo? I've been so 'desperate' to practise my Bahasa Malaysia for so long already since I came here. This is just one of my very few and rare chance. At least this will make sure that when I'm back to Malaysia, I won't be like this when I go to the mamak.

Mamak: Macha, mau apa makan? Hari ini punya special ada mau try ka? Nasi paprik. Gerenti sedap punya!
Me: Hahr? 何?(What?)
Mamak: Wei, lu tarak paham Bahasa Melayu ka? Lu mana mari?
Me: Hahr? Hahr??!
Mamak: Yenna dei?! Pora! Pora!

That will be a real sad case. I don't want to be like that and I can't imagine if I became like that.

Anyway, lets try to look in a 'positive' side la, okay? Honestly, did you guys get what the whole puisi about? Okay, I'm not trying to ask you guys to go and kaji the tema dan persoalan and also the nilai dan pengajaran like what we did before in sastera.

But if I were to send this 'masterpiece' to the Pertandingan Puisi Kebangsaan, do you think there is any chance I will get through the qualifying stage (at least)? Better think twice coz there are words like 'homosexual' and 'air mani' which will have to go under the knife of the Censorship Board!

If you ask me, I think I got a chance of winning it, though :P


michelleg said...

i oni read abit. kinda lame but BM wise can still understand. haha..

but dun submit cos not too 'appropriate' :P

Calvin said...

michelleg: you are the 2nd person who thinks i'm really gonna submit that piece of work. i can't believe it ler!

Dani said...

Why not? just submit it.. the important thing is you have managed to complete it .. it is your own materpiece.. let the world or nation see it man!!!

Calvin said...

dani: you must be kidding me! me myself also not sure whether there is such a competition being held la. i just made up the story about the competition thing :P

anyway, i wouldn't call a puisi with words like 'air mani' as a masterpiece! haha!