Saturday, June 16, 2007

My First Poster In Japan

We had another 歓迎会 this morning and this time it was organized by the Interact Club of the kosen. I guess there's just one major different to the party this time compared to the previous ones like at 栖吉コミュニティーセンター or the one with the college's principal. The difference? Simple. Previously, we just need to bring ourselves there. We just have one job, which is to makan (plus some self introduction) only. That's all.
But this time, we couldn't go with tangan kosong. We were required to prepare posters about Malaysia. Yan Kuang and me got the topic マレーシアの町 (Towns in Malaysia). We were given about a 1x1.5 meter paper for that. Don't you think that's damn big paper for a poster? Anyway, we only started our work late last night. As usual lor, procrastinating ma.

I did the writing part while my roommate, Yan Kuang settled the drawings. So after some plagiarism from the site of Tourism Malaysia, I just copied down everything I got. But I'm not a plagiarist by all means. I do it once in a while, but at the very minimal rate, especially when I'm trying to beat the dateline, just like last night.

the laptop next to me just further confirmed everything

I tried to be as careful as possible when writing each and every word coz I didn't want to make any mistakes. It went perfectly, free from any spelling flaws. I thought yes, I've finished writing them without making even a single mistake.

here's the poster and considering that we finished it under an hour, it's not a bad one, right?

not enough with that pic alone, we decided to take a pic with our artwork

But hold on a second. Didn't you spot anything that's not right about that poster? There's just something weird about it. No, it's not about whether we did it nice or not. For you who are sensitive enough (provided that you can read Japanese), look at the potato-shaped Malaysia map at the upper right of the poster.

take a closer look at the location of ペナン(Penang) and クアラルンプール (Kuala Lumpur)

No prize for guessing who wrote that. Yup, that's my work. Smart right? I just couldn't understand why am I doing such mistakes these days. You don't laugh at me la now. I know I've stayed in Malaysia long enough to at least be able to differentiate between an island and an inland.

But I just didn't know what had strucked me at that time. I was so syiok into writing that two words slowly and nicely only to realise about it when I ngam ngam finished with the last letter ン for ペナン (Penang). Damn beh tahan! But anyway it wasn't hard for me to repair them back, just a bit ma huan nia.

I'm redeeming my mistake

So after I finished repairing it, we're done with our poster at last. Just need to bring it to the party in the next morning. I typed half of this post late last night and so, it wasn't a surprised that I woke up late this morning. But I still able to rush into the shower and got myself ready by 15 minutes. We rushed to the canteen only to found out that there still not much people there yet. Now talk about the punctuality of the Japanese. Made me rush until like what nia earlier!

While waiting for the others, I went and checked out what the others have on their posters and I made some 'discoveries'. I spotted an interesting picture and some skillful drawings ala Leonardo da Vinci by our very own Joann. (You see Joann, I'm crediting you for your drawings ler!)

I just feel that Mongolians sumo are not sexy enough

and I never knew that that's how a lion dance looks like and also that elephant has 8 legs!

The 歓迎会 started with some brief introduction by the president of the Interact Club. Later, it continued with 乾杯 (kampai) and we started to makan. I couldn't straight whack the food coz the others were so bersopan-santun when eating. You know la, take the food slow slow, then chew them as slow as possible as if they're a grandma eating without a single tooth.

everyone was just waiting to be given the cue to serang the food in front of them

I just couldn't understand one thing. Need to act until like that meh? Just whack la!

sandwich is like a must whenever they have this kind of party

trust me, this rice cake tastes really good

While makan, we took turns to do our presentation on the posters we made. Sodo, a foreign student from Mongolia was the one to start it off. Then, it continued with the others from Malaysia.

do you know where Mongolia is?

And as you know, when doing this kind of presentations, we tend to lose our attention on it, slowly but surely. So it's nothing unusual for me to start my self-activity with my cam.

that's not my fingers

I know I'm evil enough to do this, but don't you think Robi (Indonesia) and the monkey are just like twins?

It finished off with some closing words and that was how our party ended this morning.

I know this picture looks REALLY unbalanced

some closing words by Yuta, the president of the Interact Club

The next few of our next activities should be fun, especially the Nagaoka fireworks festival in August and skiing this winter.


Innocent^^Guy said...

Nice post! Very entertaining and it looks like fun. He he.

Btw, you are freaking tall. Do you play basketball? Such a waste if you don't and, you must be like a giant when you stand with all the japanese..haha

Calvin said...

calvinsenpai: glad u had fun reading it :)

haha, the same question is back again - basketball. talking about the japanese, they're not as short as we all thought ler. some are almost as tall as me. but almost nia la. not same tall as me :P

michelleg said...

wat is the rice cake made from? looks geli.. haha

yea, maybe next time when taking pic u shd sit down or something. ahha!! ur too tall!!! :P

Calvin said...

michelleg: as how its name goes by, i reckon it's made from rice flour kua. but really sedap ler, although it looks a bit geli la. that brown powder-like thing is made from kacang.

sit down? so kesihan ler like that '.^

michelleg said...

oh.. so it's sweet? too bad lar when u come back i not around so can't ask u to get those jap food. haha :P

Calvin said...

michelleg: i can still send them to nz ma. how many boxes you wan? :P

jo said...

thanks for the credit...(rolls eyes)
yo!that's an elephant God la... glad that u do know now how a lion dance looks

michelleg said...

haha.. really? postage fee so expensive ler n will not taste nice cos not fresh already

Calvin said...

jo: i know la that's an elephant god. if you actually intended to draw an elephant with 8 legs (instead of 4), then i dunno what to say ady. send you back to kindergarten, i guess :P

Calvin said...

michelleg: since you want it fresh, i'll learn how to make the rice cake and make it for you one day, okay? '.^

michelleg said...

haha.. hmm good idea but that 'one day' may never come :P

nvm lar, acquire more cooking skills can impress girls. lol!

Calvin said...

michelleg: i suppose you're referring to another calvin, no? :P

michelleg said...

nono.. u said u will learn n make for me mar. since i dun think i can ever taste it (due to bad timing), u can give that to some other girls.. haha :P and after that the girls will go *sugei!!* hahaha..

ok, im mad :P

Calvin said...

michelleg: yes, indeed you are :P

michelleg said...

haha.. sorry pre-exam syndrome. hope u wont be afraid of me.. :)

Calvin said...

michelleg: only before your exams '.^