Monday, June 11, 2007

My 11-Year-Old Sister Is Sure To Laugh At Me

I know it will happen, but I didn't expect it to be that extreme. Yes, it's careless mistake in exams. I think if I were to go through an exam paper without making any careless mistake, that will be something unusual.

For you guys who still haven't known me well enough, well that's Calvin. Don't know what's in his mind when sitting in the exam hall. So, here's my latest and one of the greatest careless mistake I did.

instead of putting a plus sign, I went and put a minus sign!

Just in case you had difficulties spotting where did I went wrong in the question above, just look at the division part (t^2 divide t-2). The answer of course should be t+2 with the remaining of 4. But I screwed everything up. Smart, right?
I know my 11 year-old sister at home will be laughing at her gor gor when she sees this. Cindy at home will be saying something like this:
"What la this gor gor, do bentuk lazim like that also can do wrong. So char la you!"
And I'm also very sure you guys will be laughing at this basket for doing a division like that. Laugh as much as you can. You don't have to worry. I won't be blaming you. I know I deserved to be laughed. My Standard 2 Math teacher is sure to have no answer on why I could do that kind of mistake. Just because of this donkey mistake I made in my Differential and Integration paper, I've missed getting full marks for this paper. Yes, that stupid minus sign cost me three, I repeat, three precious marks!
Anyway, it's not all dark and doomed. At least I managed to do a double full-marks on Elementary Dynamics and Structural Studies's paper. If you're thinking I'm trying to boast and menunjuk-nunjuk about my results, stop reading this post immediately and go do other better things now.
at least I make a redemption for what United failed to achieve last season - a double
For you who decided to continue reading, then I reveal this 'secret' to you. Actually I've done the past year papers and the handouts given on both papers before the exam. And the questions that came out in the exam last week were damn exactly (not 100% exactly la, just almost) the same. If I still can do mistakes in those papers, then you have every right not to call me a normal homo sapiens already.
I've missed a hattrick of scoring 100 in the 3 papers today. I know what's going on in your mind. Calvin, you shouldn't be so greedy. My mum also used to tell me that whenever I complain about my dissatisfaction on my results.
But, that's human nature. Human will never satisfy with what he/she got. I'll just have to get used to this Calvin - famous for making kindergarten mistakes in exam. But actually, I've already get used to it long time liao :P


michelleg said...

ur a ManU fan!!!!?? *shakes head*

Calvin said...

michelleg: I guess you must be one of mr abramovich's right-hand man, huh? :)

michelleg said...

heheh. used to. i used to watch football but recently no time to keep up with it. but if asked to choose sides, i'll still choose chelsea.

Calvin said...

michelleg: omg, my guess was right! but why chelsea? at least arsenal or liverpool also never mind.

i miss my bola too. long time ady don't have the chance to watch it. my last match? japan against m'sia (olympic qualifiers). that also watch 1st half nia. by the way, m'sia won :P

SuwaN said...
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ns29 said...

actually quite surprise when see ppl also did sth like me..

Calvin said...

ns29: that's me ^.^

michelleg said...

why kenot chelsea? haha.. i supported them b4 abramovich took over..

wah, msia won? that's so rare!!

Calvin said...

michelleg: can, i didn't say kenot la. just wonder why nia ma :P

yup, m'sia won, in terms of number of goals conceded! hehe...