Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm On A Mission Today

I really can't understand how girls can shop for hours and hours. Today, I set myself out and see how long I could shop. Surprisingly, I was out for 6-long hours. I'm not very sure what should I put as the title of this entry. But basically, it's about how my day went today. Kinda long post than usual. You can continue reading if you want to.
After having a simple brunch, which was instant ramen, I set off. But I missed the bus at the nearest bus stop, by just merely few seconds! So, I walked to the next bus stop instead of waiting there to kill some time.
random pics while waiting for the bus
The weather was so kind to me today. I checked the weather forecast last night and it should be cloudy with some rain today. Thank god that the ever-so-reliable weather forecast got it wrong totally. This is some of the very rare cases to happen in Japan as their forecast is usually very chun one.
there's Jusco here, but without the 'Jaya' thing (maybe the Jusco here not berjaya enough)
I made a what-to-buy list and brought it along as I didn't want to happen to forget buying something. But it seemed that it didn't help me much as I just wonder around without setting on a particular mission. I left that for the later part of the day.
Then I came around some of the signboards. It wasn't my first time sighting those, but I don't know why only today I was so gatal to analyse the boards.
HimaRaya, AmeriKaya and Johshuya
I'm not sure if there's any bunga raya in Himaraya. This is the result when you don't have the letter 'L' in your language. They replaced it with an 'R' instead. The next one is not a bakery. You might read the name as AmeriKaya. Perhaps the owner of this shop, Mr Ameri likes to eat roti kaya and very kaya.
The final one is kinda weird, in terms of the spelling. How many times would you ever encounter someone with the name Johshuya? I think what they meant was Joshua.
I continued walking and came into this shoe store. Again, not my first time here. But I saw something new inside. Boots.
boots, boots everywhere
They come in all sizes, shapes, designs and colours. Even the famous cat without a mouth can be found on the boots. Yea, I mean Hello Kitty. Mickey Mouse was there as well. But I didn't spot any yellow boots like Phua Chu Kang always wear.
shoes also need make-ups these days
Later, I walked again until I came to this nursery. Since I brought my camera along, apa lagi, I went inside la. Not much interesting flowers I spotted there. Roses caught my eye. I'll upload those pics later on.
Then I saw hibiscus. Yes, bunga raya, bunga kebangsaan. I don't know why suddenly I felt so patriotic seeing a bunga raya. First time seeing a bunga raya in Japan. I'm kinda jakun but bunga raya is quite rare here, you know!
pink hibiscus
orange, yellow and light pink, but no red ones!
Just opposite of the nursery, it was a pet shop. I went in to check it out. These Japanese people, sometimes very kesihan one. They sometimes couldn't find a life partner until they ended up taking an animal as their life partner. Sad case, huh?
But of course, although they take animals as their partners, doesn't mean they have sex with the animals la. They might try in-vitro if they really desperate for a baby. I'm not sure what will come out. Perhaps a baby with pair of wings that goes 'miow, miow'.

There was a place inside the pet shop where you can see the dogs having bulu-cuts and being showered through glass screen. But no photo is is allowed as it might shock the animals. The dogs all sat down kuai-ly and let their bulu-stylist slowly cut their bulu.

Other animals are like parrots, rabbits, squirrel and chickens. They also sell fishes. Gold fish, silver fish, bronze fish. What also got. I might as well come here next time if anyone ask me to take them to zoo.

cute, cute, cute

these birds are not bad in posing

I found Nemo!

Along my outing today, I practically came across almost everyone from my college. I guess this suggests just how *ahem* small *ahem* Nagaoka is actually. Even I met my senpai from Nagaoka University.

Not met, actually. He called me first. Usually this is the case as people will spot me much easier than having me to spot them. You know what I'm talking about, don't you?

Walk, walk, walk, I came across many ramens shop.

even if they offer their ramens FOC also I won't be going in

But I'm not interested not even a bit. Why? Because I'm on a mission tonight. After wondering around those garden and zoo, I got serious. I got to get my stuff for tonight's dinner.

After getting all my stuff, I set back to my college. When I checked my watch in the bus, it was already almost 6pm. Heck! I must have broke my personal record time in shopping. I've shop for almost 6-long hours!

doing stewpid stuff in the bus
this is the hasil from today's shopping
Although I got a pair of top - one sleeveless Adidas sports wear and another stripe top, I guess I ended up buying more groceries! Don't ask me how much they cost. I'll tell you if you're footing the bill for me though.
When I got back, I straight headed to the kitchen. Here's what I'm cooking tonight.

This is my first time cooking spaghetti, but I still will teach you guys how it is done. Follow these instructions and I'm sure you'll thank me for my recipe.

But just a warning. Try this on your own risk. Don't blame me if it doesn't turn out well. It's not my recipe's fault. It's the skill of the person who cook it :P

First of all cut your broccoli, carrot and potato into small cubes. Do the same thing to the sausages. Then boil them in boiling water. Start with the sausages.

Then use a new pot of water for the vegetables. Start off with potato as it takes time to become soft. Carrot is next, followed by broccoli. Use a fork to poke it to test whether the potato is already soft enough.

Make sure you turn off the fire when you've put all the vegetables inside. It's just to avoid the vegetables, especially the broccoli being overcooked and turned yellow. When all have been taken out, put them on a plate and spring some slices of cheese and some pepper. Then leave them aside and proceed with your main menu.

Boil about 1 litre of water and add some salt into it. Then, take about 100gm of spaghetti and throw them into the boiling water. Leave it to boil for around 10 minutes and stir them in between to make sure it doesn't stick together.

After the spaghetti is soft enough, turn off the fire, pour it into a small bucket (I don't know what's the right word) and put it through running water a while. So, your spaghetti is ready. For this time, I just use an instant pasta sauce to save some time. I just boil it up for around 4 minutes and pour it onto the ready spaghetti.

If you follow correctly what I mentioned above, you should have this final result.

My own evaluation on my cooking? Err, I'm not bluffing you la, but it was really damn ho chiak. I was surprised with myself too, actually. The texture of the spaghetti was just perfect.

If there's any flaw made, that would be my vegetables. My potato was not soft enough when I took them out. Carrot was a bit hard as well. But they were still eatable.

Calvin's personal rating: 7/10

After more than half of the day spent shopping and cooking, I'm off to getting a well deserved rest. The hot weather nowadays didn't help much though.


michelleg said...

haha.. not bad. but perhaps u shd cut the vegies smaller, cook faster. ur sauce looked like so little..

Calvin said...

michelleg: cutting vegetables into small cubes reminds me of my dad who used to cut them into really tiny ones. i always refer that to vegetable that is only suitable for duck to consume. i'll try duck-ing next time :P

jo said...

yoyo..i visit ure blog la...apela.. impressed with ure cooking skills..haha..u turned out to be better than i expected...
so...i now grant u permission to cook for me!!haha....i know its safe now...
tell me when ure free.ill place my orders..

Calvin said...

jo: so before this, what was you expecting of my cooking skills?

jo said...

haha....wat u expect????summore wana ask...wei....when la when??i waiting la....i already got my orders..

Calvin said...

jo: orders? what orders pulak? think this is restaurant ka? but hor, i operate without any license one wor. some sort of illegal business la :P

so, still want to place your orders?