Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm Down

For you who used to frequent my blog, this post will be a complete turn to my usual post post, where I go on crapping and talk cock all the time. Yes, that's my usual self. But no, I'm not doing that today. I'm down today. Period. Down to the lowest point since I came here. Does it got anything to do with today's date - the 13th? I'm just too superstitious, I guess.
The reason? Well it's just because of a really silly matter. I think it won't be a hard task for you guys to guess what's going wrong with me. Just some relationship thing that I've yet to sort it out. Yes, with a girl. It's a long long story. I thought I've sorted everything out when I reached here 2 months ago. It went pretty fine and I thought that it's getting better and better as the days goes by. I thought that has became a past chapter in my life. I thought that's already a history. I thought I'll never go back to past memories. Yes, I thought that was to be.
It was, until last night. For all of a sudden, all those things came back. All those 'what if' and 'I should've' thought is back. I went the whole day today like a half-dead guy. I hardly smile. In fact, even if I smiled, I knew that was just a fake smile.
I'm not sure whether it's because I've think too much. But I know something for sure. The feeling I'm going through at the moment is just, (sorry for the language I'm using) f**ked-up like hell.


michelleg said...

hmm, just dun think so much. these relationship matters takes time to get over it. do something to keep ur mind away from thinking too much.

watch some funny cartoons la. haha :)

Calvin said...

michelleg: another person to tell me and use the word TIME. i've lost faith in that word, to be honest.

anyway, thanks for your concern :)

chwk87 said...

o...wif tat gal last time u talk wan. Go to chat wif her. Cn b gud fren again wan. Hope u cn get it over soon.

Innocent^^Guy said...

seriously Time...I have experience in this and let me tell you truthfully that time really matters. My first love,took me 3 yrs to be friends again with her and mantain a good relationship till now.

But if I were in your shoes, I'll spend some TIME to head down to Tokyo and find my new Jap chick :P

There you go! Even if this is offending, I couldn't help it. You'll have to keep up with the Calvin that craps regardless of the situation, environment, and time :)

Calvin said...

chwk87: did i ever told u about her? i'm surprised that u also know about it. anyway, thanks :)

Calvin said...

calvinsenpai: it's ok. nothing offending on what you said. it's senpai telling his kohai about his experience ma.

seriously i'm quite surprised that u took 3 years to make up again. my case has been 2 years. guess i'll have to wait another year :P

i'll try to be the Calvin that craps pretty soon. i hope so :)