Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'll Never Eat Spaghetti (With Natto) Again

I hope this posting will serve as a warning to you so that you won't have to go through the same experience I had.

I went to the hostel's canteen as usual this afternoon for my lunch. But this time, my tutor wasn't with me at that time. Don't ask me why coz I have no idea where did he sesat already. But I never knew that was the starting of a nightmare ahead.
Usually, when there's a lot of people there, you don't have to think twice on which set of meal to choose. I'll usually just look at the longer line and queue up behind. My class ended early, so there still weren't many people in the canteen and the was almost no people lining up.
There was this two set. Set A was spaghetti and nuts topping with some nori. Set B was fried rice. Normal fried rice with some chickens and stuff. So, I though why not try the spaghetti coz it looked not bad.
I went and took my tray, fork and the plate of spaghetti. I didn't what struck me but I asked for lesser amount this time. By that time, there was already some people noticed my act, but just keep quiet and decided not to warn me. I took my drinks and sat down. Still nothing unusual.
Then my classmates looked at me kinda like lain macam. I sensed something was not right. Yes, it was. All of them took fried rice, except me. And I heard the word natto. They told me the nuts on top of the spaghetti was actually natto. I thought, OMFG!! I won't be spared this time.
people says beauty is in the eye of the beholder but NEVER be deceived by this spaghetti with natto

For you all that knows me, you know how much I hate natto, right? I had it once before this, when I just came to Japan. I thought that cup of natto I took months ago was the first and the last one I will ever eat in my life. But mana tau, I kena again this time. I tried to taste the plate of spaghetti a little bit. And as expected, it tasted like fark man! That sticky natto just couldn't get away from my spaghetti.

By that time, only my 'kind' classmates told me how 'good' it taste and how they also had that experience when they were in the 1st year. Only later that I noticed that when the canteen started to get crowded, only the 1st year students lined up for that spaghetti. In my heart, I was saying they'll be having some fun after this. I know I'm evil, but I went through the same thing, okay?

I later was told that that meal is actually the worst ever meal being served in my hostel in the history. At least I've now known how does the worst meal taste like and I've created some personal history which I'll NEVER be proud off.

As expected, I didn't finished that plate of spaghetti. Luckily they gave us a piece of bread with cream in the middle as well. That at least filled my stomach. After my lunch, that very same fella I mentioned just now who kept quiet asked me how was my spaghetti. I was damn beh song already that time.

"Priceless moment and that sweet memory will remain for the time being!"

That's what I was told. Tell me how can I not to be tulan?


ns29 said...

Now only I understand why u dun wan to eat spagetti anymore! spaggetti with natto pls!
I like italian food so muuch..and pls dun mix that with japanese food!!!

Calvin said...

ns29: spaghetti with natto. what a 'great' combination, huh?

it's not just with spaghetti, coz natto will never fit with any food. but with durian? perhaps :P

ns29 said...

din thought of durian for so long time.
still cant understand why canteen want to mix that two stuff together.
Ibaraki is a place that famous with natto..and I even can see ppl take two cups of natto for breakfast!

Calvin said...

ns29: if they can take two cups of natto, then i can easily take two guni of durians at one shot :)