Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Irin

I'm dedicating this post to Irin Ong.
I've known this cute little girl for about 3 years and we are still going strong. Although I'm from all-boys school, since Taiping is so small, so I should at least know most of the girls there. But the number of girl friends I have can be counted. But actually the truth is it's not really that few la. And Irin is of of the few I know.
I can't really recall how we'd known each other. Can you still remember it, Irin? I've actually heard about her before but I didn't contact her until there's one time when I chatted with her at MSN. Till now, I also have no idea how did I got her e-mail that time.

I guess this might be something surprising if I tell this. Although Taiping is so small, I didn't meet up with her before, not even once! We just kept in touch through chatting and sms-ing. But eventually, we met up. It was a few days before I leave for Japan when we had a mini farewell. That was the first and only time we have actually met face-to-face :)

the one and only photo we took together - during the farewell

She's no different from how I'd expected. If there's something that will comes to my mind when I hear her name, that would be her cute smile. I'm not trying to make stories here. You'll know how sweet when she's smile. And she smiles all the time. Irin, keep on smiling, yea?

She has the ability to be a sensei as well. I was told that she's been teaching school kids for some time already. Those kids are lucky to get such a nice sensei teaching them. I know you're missing your cute anak murid now, right Irin?

One more thing is Irin have the ability to make a joke out of nothing. That's the thing that she's been using whenever I'm down and she'll just cheer me up. Thanks for brightened my day all these while ^.^

So Irin, I wanna wish you Happy 20th Birthday!

You're 1 year OLDER and big already. So must kuai kuai already, okay? I know you won't angry me for putting that word 'older' in capitals, right? I know you're smiling right now : )

Have a wonderful birthday and hope you'll get what you've been wishing for!

P/S: No teddy bears, no cards, no nothing for you this time. But this post should be 'something' to you already, right Irin? I promise I'll belanja you when I'm back :P


Ong said...

hahahaha!!! thx calvin wit a wonderful story about me! hahahha.. n oso glad u had called me during my party..smr in japan.. seem u can becum fortune teller huh?? noe tat im going to smile when i read these..hehehe!

Calvin said...

yalor, i feel as if i've wrote a history about you ler!

you dunno nia what i went through just to get your number that night. i hope my call didn't rosakkan the picture that you was taking that time.

no la, not just smiling. i expected you to be touched and maybe shed some tears as well. hehe :P