Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Guy Likes Me?

I never knew that cooking a simple bowl of ramen will make a guy fall in love with me.
erm... u so handsome ^^
I've known that comment was posted on my entry about me cooking a bowl of ramen last weekend. But I just kept that to myself and I thought no one will ever notice that.
It stayed like that, until someone asked me who's that guy when she noticed that comment on the recent comments' bar. I think it's better and safer for me to stay silent and leave it to you guys on the commenting part.
But, there's just one thing that kept me wondering.
I'm curious to know what I cook that will make a girl says something in such way to me :P


SuwaN said...

walao walao walao!
objection!!! XP
object objection!
i am say u leng chai:P
but not fall in love, haha! U r misunderstanding :P !!

Calvin said...

suwan: take it easy, bro. i know you meant it when you said it. i understand :P

SuwaN said...