Friday, June 29, 2007

Flowers From Yukyuzan Park

This entry should actually been posted much earlier. However, when I took these pictures, it was during my hostel festival last weekend and I gave the priority on entries about the festival first.
This park I went is called Yukyuzan Park. It’s just about 10 minutes walking distance from my kosen. This time, I went there in just 5 minutes, with my lao ah pek bicycle - antique and stylo!
The park is beautiful, with lakes, sakura trees and some Shinto temples. There’s even a mini zoo and a museum as well. All in one park. However, it’s still far from my very own Taiping Lake Garden.
For you who have read my earlier post, this is the place where we did our hanami in April when those sakura were in full bloom. In fact, we did the hanami twice there. The first time was with all the foreign students in Nagaoka Kosen, while the next one was among the Malaysians staying in Nagaoka. More than two months later, the transformation was quiet amazing.
This is what you get in seasonal countries. Some of you might know that when sakura blooms, there’s not a single leave on the tree. However come summer, it's totally the opposite.
The location I picked this time is 菖蒲園 (Ayame Garden). Ayame is actually iris in English but I have no idea what kind of flowers are they. But one thing for sure, they are just beautiful.
I will try minimise my words in this entry as I would rather have the pictures I took do all the talking. Enjoy.
After sifu Cl3m gave his comments, I've decided to upload some of the pictures in full size.
Thanks for reading. Any comments on the pictures I took, anyone?


cl3m` said...

while its nice to present it like this, its abit too small to judge on the pics. even the 'large' size on blogger is a lil too small imho :)

Innocent^^Guy said...

comments on the pictures? got...LIKE PRO LA! haha..happy not? :P

nice ler the wonder nvr see u online in KS lately la..go lepaking rupanya..

Calvin said...

clem: i've uploaded some of the pics in 'large' size. now you can start you judgement and give me your verdict :)

Calvin said...

calvinsenpai: i didn't tell you before that this is my part-time job meh?

lately i cin bo eng with so many orders from my customers ma. that's why ma bo si kan lepak at KS lor :P

tang yii said...

u also wanna join photography competition kah?
no doubt these pics are marvellous, but dun say I'm cruel, sure cannot win ....
Dun be sad ... I'm one of the mangsa of the cold hearted judge too.

Calvin said...

tang yii: we do our own photography competition, okay? we become the judges. then we pick our pictures as joint-winners :P

how? set?

tang yii said...

haha good idea!

michelleg said...

nice pics.. jealous nya!

cl3m` said...

how cruel do u want me to be? :P

i'll start with

1.not bad, the space on the right is a bit wasteful, doesn't add dimension at all though. and oddly, the centre looks soft, where did u focus on?

2. prolly the nicest of the series. notice how it's in a triangle to give a nice perspective, and there's only green in the background.u could try a bigger aperture to get a nicer bokeh though.exposure wise, maybe a +0.3ev would be nicer(maybe...)

3.again, space is the issue, the brown stuff on the left??

4. trying a difficult shot ? the dead flower on the right is out of focus. composition wise can be done better i think.

5.over exposed. try not to centre things so much. can always read up on rules of thirds from d net. it's not a hard rule but a very good guide.

6.would have been a nice shot, if the space on the left was cut off, then all u get is a wide wide field of flowers.

sorry if i'm being critical. if u wanna see good pns shooter, try

@tangyii( sorry calvin for hijacking your blog but her blog just cant add comments!)

i thought your pic was okay but i dont think it'll win any competitions.. even i'm far away from there.

its in monochro because it's cheaper as we do the printing ourselves. monochro is hard though. as there is no color, one have to think about contrast, composition and most importantly, emotion and feeling which is lacking in your pic, maybe if the tanker was a sampan, it would have been a different story.

this is longer than my blog post!, calvin critique my pics as well =)

Calvin said...

michelleg: thanks :) i never knew that taking pictures of flowers will make you jealous :P

Calvin said...

cl3m: you'd better be as cruel as you can ever be :)

i'm currently using only my sony cybershot T-100 (like the one wee kien's using). and i'm so new in this thing yet. so the terms like 'a +0.3ev' and 'rules of third' is like alien to me!

i'll check them out though. thanks for giving your comments. i'll make sure my critiques will be coming to your blog from now on :P

p/s: walao eh, mana boleh simply hijack my blog mia? haha, jk jk! no problem about :P

tang yii said...

paiseh ah calvin!
cl3m: thanks for ur commentSS...T T
wat u said was actually same as the judge ... he said those winning pics got feelings...
U memang pro lah!

calvin: tq for being our 'middle' person. really sorry for occupying ur place... u dun mind one hor?

Calvin said...

tang yii: aiyo, i won't simply call cl3m sifu for nothing la. now only you know he's pro meh?

i won't mind at all, provided that you rent my place la. don't worry, i won't make cekik darah charges one :P

so, how? deal?

michelleg said...

haha that's because i lurve taking pics of flowers. they are the loveliest thing on earth!

Calvin said...

michelleg: indirectly, you're hinting that all these while, the pictures of flowers that you took is not nice la? that's why you jealous at my pics la? hehe :P

michelleg said...