Sunday, June 24, 2007

Final Day Of Hostel Festival

It has been the third day running I posted my entries on the hostel festival in my kosen. This posting will be the final sequel of the the festival. After last night's tiger show, for a change, they have drama this afternoon.
There was actually three teams putting up the drama today. But I just went to watch the final two team's drama. The second team put up a drama which touches on family relationships.
For most part of the drama, I didn't really get what they were talking about to be honest.

But of course, there were some scenes which were funny which I understands and I laughed. For those parts which was also funny but I didn't get the joke, I see them laughed.

So I followed suit. Not because of the humour, but I laughed because I don't know what they are laughing about.

In the end, only I found out that the storyline is just like the all-time-favourites way of a storyline. Remember when you write an essay last time on any story where you tend to end it up something like this.

"The monster chased me and I had nowhere else to run. Suddenly, I felt off my bed and hit the floor. Only I realised that was just a DREAM".

Sounds familiar, no? Yes, they have this ending for their drama. Only that time I understood why the scenes changed from classroms to some junkyard suddenly. Rupa-rupanya it was just a dream.

For the third and the last team to perform, they chose the theme love. Yes, the storyline was kinda predictable. There were this two angles who will always be around the guy and the girl, giving advices to both of them.

But the guy was shy to express his feeling and he is some sort of a guy who doesn't have taste in fashion. So off he went to make a make-over on his appearance.

From there on, came some robbers out of nowhere and began shooting at everyone. That's the part where I started to get lost on the storyline.

There was also one ah kua (again) came out in this team's drama. The way he/she (I'm not sure) acted will make you really feel geli.

In the end, I guess it was a happy ending as both the guy and the girl were still alive and hugging each other. Why for once, they can't have a sad ending?

I guess that is to get more rating and usually sad ending will be avoided. But don't you think that having sour ending sounds more chi kek?

Although I can't said it was outstanding (partly because I don't really understand the storyline), but overall, it was okay. They have really put an effort on this drama. The lighting, sound systems and stage management was just perfect. That even beats my school drama team.

They have the results at the night session plus some prize giving ceremony. Nothing much. So there is how my hostel festival this year. It's my first time for this hostel festival, so I can't comment much on it. But it was not bad overall. They have put a lot of effort to make it a success.

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