Sunday, June 10, 2007


I'm just putting the title in Chinese la. But don't expect I'm posting an entry in Chinese :) That's Mission Impossible V. Sorry to disappoint you guys. I know that pisang word has came out from your mind. But, just shut up and continue reading.
What I crap above got nothing to do with this entry. I'll trying making this post nice and short. This weekend I didn't eat at the hostel's canteen. Plan to cook initially. But laziness got over me. So in the end, I went whole day without eating anything yesterday. Lucky me coz I'm still alive and able to type this stupid thing. I only 'break' my fast this afternoon. I had a Big Mac in McDonald's when I went to do some groceries this afternoon.
So tonight, I decided to cook. Yes mum, you didn't hear it wrongly. Your baby is going to cook! Here's what I plan to cook:
しょうゆ味とんかつラーメン (soy sauce flavoured pork ramen) with my sawi
Since I didn't use the stove in the cooking room before, I got to ask the help from one of our tutor to show the way of using it. It's not that I didn't want to try by myself pressing those buttons. Actually it's nice having a try pressing at so many buttons on it. I know even if I wrongly press a button, there won't be an explosion. It's just that I didn't want to end up burning my whole hostel, like some *cough* people *cough*. After having a 'fight' with the cooking pots, fire, bowl and water, here's what I got:

bangga ler, coz this is my first dish I cooked myself! looks delicious or not?

I know la, you must be thinking what's so great about cooking a bowl of Maggi (it's ramen actually) right? Even a 8-year-old boy can cook it la! I know. But hey, this is my first time cooking in Japan, you know! And this is my first dish (of so many things to cook!) At least praise me a bit la, okay?

I know I wasn't eating at the time this pic was taken; just posing nia :P

Calvin's personal rating: 6/10


tang yii said...

first attempt omedetou!!!
gambattene !
cooking is juz like experiment.
I oso dunno how to cook b4 I came here, not even frying an egg. at least I noe how to cook maggie (^.~)v

but I did my experiments , n now I become can cook kio-si ke (ginger chicken) d . haha.

ns29 said...

cooking kah...
wait until summer holiday..I got mood then maybe I will try not to burn the kitchen...
Seriously...your ramen looked delicious..

Calvin said...

tang yii: fry eggs i can la. but no eggs to fry nia. you know i won't use my eggs to fry, right? haha!!

kiau si k'e ar? not bad wor. make sure you let me try it one day!

Calvin said...

ns29: you sure my ramen looks delicious ar? haha, that's just instant noodles wor.

wait you see i cook some better stuff in the future. that time you'll ask me to open a restaurant ady! hehe :P

Innocent^^Guy said...

woah seh..this wan big difference liao..ur calvin here is expert in cooking ler..u where can be noob in cooking leh? haha

michelleg said...

*nods in agreement* calvinsenpai is really a good cook!

Calvin said...

innocent^^guy: wei, that bowl of ramen doesn't reflect on my cooking skills at all la!

you wait and see what i cook in the future. i guarantee you'll jealous wan :P

Calvin said...

michelleg: ok, i'm not denying that he's good in the kitchen. i must try his cooking one day :)

but since when he became my senpai wor? ooo, i remembered ady, coz he's older, oppss i mean elder than me ma, hor? :P

Innocent^^Guy said...

nola..i'm not your senpai..but i am her senpai la :P

Calvin said...

innocent^^guy: calvin's senpai = michell.
calvin's tai gor = michelle's kohai.
michelle's kohai = calvin's kohai

hmm... too confusing ady. wakaranai!

michelleg said...

eh, u oso make me confused with ur equation!! hahah... :D

SuwaN said...

when cook for me? haha!
erm... u so handsome^^

Calvin said...

suwan: thanks. but actually not a big deal la. just a packet of ramen only :)

err, about that handsome part, it was unexpected though. i'd better not comment anything on that. hehe :P

kaining said...

you must be joking...thats your first time?i tried to cook too...disaster...
congrats!looks oishii

Calvin said...

kaining: i kid you not. yea, my first time. but just a bowl of ramen la.

i'll try cooking better stuff when i have time :P