Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Trip Down Tokyo

For the next few post, I'll post in entry on my trip to Tokyo during the Golden Week holiday. If I were to shrink everything in one post, I guess that would make this entry a hell long one. So rather than doing that, I'll post them in a daily basic, along with pictures along as well. So here how it goes.
To be honest, Yan Kuang and me had a class after the lunch break. But since that class is just on mechanical drawing, we decided to ponteng that class. Anyway, we did ask our tutor to inform the sensei. As for Joann, she had no class, so there wasn't any need to ponteng. Well, the reason we ponteng was because we were trying to catch the train going down to 新宿 (Shinjuku) at 1346. And we managed to make it to the Nagaoka Eki by time (there was still some time remaining in fact).
signboard at 長岡駅 (Nagaoka Eki)
Consider this: we were going down to Tokyo for the first time, and the train is heading to Shinjuku, which is the biggest train station in Japan. During the journey, we still got to 乗り換え (train transfer) at 2 stations, which were 水上 (Minakami) and 高崎 (Takasaki). And we did this by ourselves. Pretty bangga coz we didn't take any train by mistake throughout the journey to Shinjuku. The trip from Nagaoka to Shinjuku by 普通電車 (normal train) cost us 3690yen (around RM123). Taking shinkansen (bullet train) will cost us more than 7000yen (RM230).
the ticket from Nagaoka to Shinjuku, Tokyo: 3690yen (RM 123)
the 普通電車 (futsu densha) we took looks like this
this is the train we took
this sign in the train caught my attention but I don't really understood what it means
Then when we reach Shinjuku station, something not so nice happened. Although I was already told by one of the senpai from Tokyo kosen the way there, but some people (I won't mention here, but I guess it's kinda clear who is that) still couldn't put the trust on me. Instead he/she still wanted to wonder around and ask the information booth. That was the time I was closed to losing my temper, but I just calmed down. In the end, we took 京王線 (Keio Line) and got down at 狭間 (Hazama).
river by the road
houses by the river
When we reached Hazama station, Hao Wei from 東京高専 when pick us up. We later realised that the kosen is just merely a couple of minutes walk from the station! 便利じゃん!(It's convinient, isn't?) I guess it could be take a minor mistake, coz instead of taking 準特急 (half-express) which stop at just the main 6 stations, we took 各停 (normal line) which stop at every station (more than 20 stations!). But one lesson learned. Here are the remaining pictures from Day 1. Those pictures were taken along the way in the train.
and lastly, paddy field

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