Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tokyo: What A Trip

So, I've finally done with my editing and posting on the Tokyo series during my trip down there during the Golden Week. And I can say; Wow! What a trip! I can safely say that it was an eye opening to get down to Tokyo coz before this, I just spend less than 24 hours there when we first arrived in Japan in early April. That was when we were in 五反田 (Gotanda).

Well, I'm not planning to post a long entry on this one, but just a summary (do I need to be so formal, I wonder) on the trip. At last, I get myself to Shinjuku, Akihabara and Ueno; to name some. Before this, I just see the name of those places on my Japanese textbooks! And I 'successfully' didn't get myself lost in Shinjuku Station during my first time there! That's an achievement, you know! Haha! And before this, there were sensei who told us about a train line which go one round within Tokyo. And now, I know it's called 山手線 (Yamanote Line).

The more you read this entry, don't you feel that I'm as if writing about my discovery during my trip to Tokyo? Anyway, the trip ended in a sweet way, with the gathering at Yoyogi. Meeting with so many senpais and hearing their experiences make me feel there are lots more for me to explore in this land of the rising sun. In fact, I'm trying to start a new life here (I guess some will understand what I mean here). And so far, I'm enjoying every minute of it.


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