Saturday, May 5, 2007

Tokyo: Day 4

This will be the final entry on my trip to Tokyo. But it might be quite long with texts and pictures. (In fact, this will be the longest posting on the Tokyo trip's series). Anyway, I hope you guys will enjoy reading it ^.^
Again, I woke up quite late today. Well, it wasn't as late as yesterday, but since I didn't really have a plan till 4pm for the gathering today, I decided to sleep a little bit longer. Today, I went out with Hao Wei coz Yan Kuang had already went out to get his computer at Akihabara. But we'll be meeting up at the gathering later in the evening. After finishing up some of his assignments, we went to have a our lunch at a shop which was just in a walking distance from the kosen. We had a type of soba, but when it was served, we found out that it looks and tastes about the same as the local mee sua with bak kut teh.
We then got to 参宮橋 (Sangubashi) using the 小田急線 (Kodakyu Line). But when we have bought our tickets and got pass the machine, we realized that we wanted to go to 新大久保 (Shinookubo) coz Hao Wei wanted to buy the phone card as well. Since we were already passed the ticket machine, we got no choice but to go straight to Sangubashi. But Hao Wei told me that there was a time a senpai bought a wrong ticket for the wrong train, and he got a refund after returning the ticket. However that time, that senpai haven't got through the ticket machine. Although we were already in the train, I suggested why not we try and ask whether we could get a refund. On the way to the counter, we caught up with Jonathan and his senpai; both from 群馬高専 (Gunma Kosen) who were on the way to the gathering.
After asking, we got a refund for our ticket. Sometimes, things like this is what I like about Japan: their efficiency. So we get to Shinookubo by the 山手線 (Yamanote Line) to get the phone card. I also do some shopping there as I found the shirts there are quite at a bargain price. And seeing I bought a few pair of shirts, Hao Wei bought some as well. In the end, I spend about 7500yen just on 5 pair of shirts! But since I came to Japan, I haven't really buy any shirts yet.
I'm not really sure what's this (outside Shinjuku Station), but I guess it's like the pancing undi scene we used to see in Malaysia
So after being caught shopping for almost an hour shopping (which wasn't in our plan!), we straight got to Sangubashi. The gathering, organised by the Yahoo! PPKTJ Chinese Group is being held at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center in 代々木 (Yoyogi). But we didn't really know the way there. So we just depended on the way given by senpai and signboards as well.
While walking, I was talking with Hao Wei about how to get there. Since we were talking in Hokkien, there was a group of people who was walking beside us looked at us. By that time, I knew that that were also senpai who were on the way to the gathering as well coz unless you understand what others were talking, you don't look at them, do you? So, we just follow them there. When we were there, most of them have already arrived. Well, the time being set for the gathering was 1600, but by that time, it was already around 1645. I guess I still have the Malaysian time mindset in myself!
Before I go any further, here's a pictural conversation I created out of a series of pictures. Enjoy! I made it in 2 versions: English and Japanese :)
Hi, I'm Jonathan, but just call me 'bear bear'. I got an interesting story to tell...
Yi Fuan: Hey, you got the number for s*x ar?
Khee Cheng: Of coz la! You wan wat type one?
Yi Fuan: I dun care wan la... As long as you give me, can ady.
Khee Cheng: Ok, sure. Use bluetooth la. Coz it's faster.
イーフアン君:ねぇ、ねぇ。。s*x の番号、知らないの?
but unfortunately, Bao Cong realised what Yi Fuan did just a moment ago.
so, realising he didn't get his part, Bao Cong felt jealous and he beh syiok ady
he was so jealous and angry until he was closed (he did show it, actually!) to showing up his middle finger!
that's all folks, guys! hope you enjoyed it!

注意:Cerita di atas hanya rekaan semata-mata. Tiada kena-mengena dengan sesiapa yang hidup ataupun mati. (Namun sekiranya terdapat individu yang terasa bahawa cerita tersebut berkait rapat dengan dirinya sendiri, ianya adalah 'disengajakan'!) By the way, s*x actually means six, which is someone's nickname. I know you were just like Bao Cong, thinking that s*x is sex, right? Just admit it!
After checking into the rooms, and having our dinner at the cafeteria, we straight get to a seminar room. And there were closed 100 people altogether there. Senpai, super senpai, super super senpai, everyone who are ex-PPKTJ's were there. The event started off with some introduction by the two MC for the evening - Boon Hon and James, where both are from 木更津高専 (Kisarazu Kosen).
Then it continued with 自己紹介 (as usual) starting off with the newly came students from the 3rd year. Then it continued with the senpai. After the 自己紹介, the next few events were games, such as 'Guess What', 'Guess the Song' and 'Oo Som' (in a different version).
ex-PPKTJ 10th batch (2001)
ex-PPKTJ 11th batch (2002)
ex-PPKTJ 12th batch (2003)
ex-PPKTJ 13th batch (2004)
ex-PPKTJ 14th batch (2005)
simple self-introduction by the senpai
as Ayumi Hamasaki was there too, all didn't want to miss the chance to take her pic
among the senpai present
James and Boon Hon were the MC for the night
the 'Guess What' game
Boon Hon tried his talent on the 'Guess the Song' game
so did James
After the game session, it continued with the 交流会 as usual where the kohai can ask anything, from studies to life in Japan to the senpai. And all the senpai seemed to be ready to give their opinions and share their experiences in Japan. I guess this annual gathering is the best way for all of us to gather (that is why it's called a 'gathering', isn't it?). I wonder why not if it's done in a more frequent basis; eg. twice a year perhaps.
say cheese! :)
this gathering was not sort of leng lui as well ^.^
As usual, every gathering will ended up with parting. Since Joann and I have bought out tickets back to Nagaoka much earlier, we decided not to overnight there. So we bid farewell to them (maybe could only be meeting them during the summer holiday) and headed to Shinjuku Eki with the other senpais who didn't stay there too. I had a chat with one of the super senpai, Li Wei in the train while on the way to Shinjuku Eki. She seemed to be nice to have a chat with and later, she did told us how to get back to our kosen when we reach Nagaoka Eki, coz by the time we reach there, it's around 4am and there's only taxi available. 優しい先輩だ。
my ticket (指定席券) back to Nagaoka
新宿 (Shinjuku) to 長岡 (Nagaoka) by 快速ムーンライト (Moonlight Train)
it cost 3690yen (excluding the 指定席券 - seat booking ticket)

So off we go to the platform for the 快速ムーンライト (Moonlight Train). Again, we caught up with another two senpais from 鶴岡高専 (Tsuruoka Kosen), Lai and Akmal. So we didn't have to look for which platform to go coz we just followed them. Later in the train, we also meet up with Aki, Muazam, Shah and Ulya as they were taking the same train too. The journey took about 4 and a half hours. But luckily we didn't overslept when it reached Nagaoka Eki. And we got back to the kosen by taxi after some help from the people from the convenient shop who called the taxis for us.
it's quite rare to get this scene at Shinjuku Station
took a pic before heading back to Nagaoka


chang yuan said...

aiyah...i wished i could be there, with all of you...but never mind, at least i can see some pictures here...looks liky everyone is having their good time here too...really miss u guys, wonder when could we meet togather...

calvin said...

yea, those who were there had a good time there although it was merely a few hours gathering. but no worries. although you are far away in hokkaido, i'm sure we still have the chance to meet up together again. summer holiday maybe? :)