Friday, May 4, 2007

Tokyo: Day 3

I start off with my very first picture that I took with my brand new camera. It was taken from Hao Wei's room in 東京高専 (Tokyo Kosen).
first pic with a new cam
I woke up pretty late today (11am I think) and by that time, Yan Kuang and Hao Wei were already out. They went out to meet up with Yan Kuang's dad's friend (a Japanese) who is staying in Tokyo. Since the plan to go to Yokohama was cancelled, I was left with no plan for today. However I wouldn't say that I was ditched! Anyway, I went out with Idris and Nik along with Muzir (4th year senpai) to 上野 (Ueno) in the end.
the streets in 上野 (Ueno)
Muzir was taking us to have sushi there. There's a restaurant, about 5 minutes walk from Ueno station, which operates on 食べ放題 (tabehodai) way, which means eat-as-much-as-you-can. It cost 1050yen per person. But they will be charging on any leftovers.
this was taken while we were waiting to enter the sushi restaurant
We waited for almost 40 minutes although there were only about 6 people in front of us in the queue. But the waiting was worth it as we spend almost 90 minutes inside the restaurant trying various kind of sushi. But I have forgotten the name of most of the sushi :P
some of the sushi we ordered
sashimi and fresh prawns as well as squid and octopus
these are almost the same as the previous order
colourful, isn't it?
Nik with his famous smile
I had the last piece of sushi before we got out (I wonder what Nik was thinking...)

Then we walked around the area. I guess this place is just equivalent to our Petaling Street in KL. You can get just about anything here. But the main difference is the good sold here are genuine (I think so) coz you can hardly find cetak rompak goods here in Japan (anyone, correct me if I'm wrong on this).
アメ横 (Ameyoko) on the left and 上中 (Uenaka) on the right
stalls selling fresh seafood
this お爺ちゃん (Ojiichan) is selling dried products
there weren't sort of people at Ueno too
JR上野駅 (JR Ueno Eki)
Later that night, we headed back to Shinjuku and meet up with Ejat (5th year senpai but I have forgotten which kosen is he from!). We later went to 新大久保 (Shinookubo) to have our dinner in a Thai restaurant. The Japanese language of those Thais was ペラペラ (perapera) which means fluent. While having our dinner, two more sempai joined us (Sobri and the other, again I forgot his name!). But I know I do have difficulties remembering people's name and their faces as well. Anyone have any remedy for this problem?
night scene from 新宿 (Shinjuku)

from a walking bridge

Starbucks Coffee with the tower as the background (I don't know why, but that building just reminded me of batman!)

notice the long queue...

well, these people are lining up to buy doughnut!

Later I went to get my phone card to be used when I call back Malaysia. It was far more cheaper compared to the Brestel phone card coz with this card I got, it cost just around RM 0.15 per minute (excluding the charge for local call on the handphone). If I were to use Brestel, it's about RM 1.80 per minute! I bought a few pieces as I guess it's hard for me to get it in Nagaoka. So now, I can call back more often. ^.^ Here's the remaining pics from Day 3.

JR 新宿駅 (JR Shinjuku Eki)
taken from an overhead bridge
while waiting for train at 京王線 (Keio Line); from left: Muzir, me, Ejat and Nik

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