Monday, May 14, 2007

That's Just Him

It has been coming for some time, and I finally decided to write about this. It's about someone I met more than 1 month ago. And I met him for the first time in my first day in class. After the class, Yan Kuang and I had a chat with him in his room and that time he asked us about our background, how are we getting on with the new environment and stuff like those.
That was 1 month ago…
Fast forward… (so that I won't be wasting your time)
Well, I guess what happened during the first period of my class summarized about him. But before I got any further, this is what happened during the 2nd lesson with him. He came in, continued on the chapter that we stopped in the perious class. But as far as we could remember, that topic have not been taught yet. And he was expecting us to understand what he was teaching. Only after half the period, he realized about it. His reaction? His ever-so-famous smile with eyes almost unseen.
Then back to this morning's incident. It wasn't a new thing. This morning, when we entered our class (before the bell rings), he was there already, in front of our class. Of more than 10 lecturers we got, I guess this is the only one who gets into the class earlier than the bell. I guess he got a watch with a different time zone. I guess got to buy him (and all the lecturers as well) a Malaysia's time zone watch. Then, he'll be entering our class 1 hour late everytime. How about that?
So, what happened during the lesson? Well, there reached a time when a student, Shimizu stopped him while he was teaching. So, nothing surprising that he let Shimizu threw him with a question. But then, I guess he got a problem with his hearing coz his explanation to that Shimizu's question is like no connections at all. So, not just Shimizu who looked blur, but the whole class went looking around at each other. So, after his explanation, he confirmed with Shimizu whether he get it. Not intending to be made confused even more by him, poor Shimizu just nodded his head and said わかった. Kesihan that fella.
This Wednesday, the whole 3rd grader are going for 遠足 (hiking) somewhere near our kosen. I heard from my tutor that it's the place I went last Saturday. And speaking about that place, he said during his 32 years here, he has just been there once. Can you imagine? I'm going there for my 2nd time in less than a week! What a comparison!
Even our senpais have interesting story about this joker. When they asked us who’s our 担任先生 (homeroom lecturer) and when we told them it's him, they laughed straight away.
"Ooo, that fella izit? Last time, he always like to sapu his (remaining) few urat of hair to the side when they fell in front."
And when they knew he's going to be our 担任先生 for three long years, they laugh again.
"Haha, good luck to you guys la!" That was how their reacted!
And that’s the story of 近藤先生 (Kondo Sensei).

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