Friday, May 11, 2007

Update On Shanghai Bank's Mascot

I recently got to know that there's even A SONG for this company's toy mascot! OMG!!

And the translations on the 5 pigggy on offer:
Pig #1: energetic PUKI
Pig #2: likeable PUKI
Pig #3: smilley PUKI
Pig #4: shy PUKI
Pig #5: naughty PUKI
Which one would you choose?

I also come across this comment which was posted by a reader, Reena at Kenny Sia's blog. She made a joke out of the advertisement. And I must say that I had a great laugh after reading it. Hope you guys will enjoy it as well!

Little boy: Eh, my mother say save money good leh! My mother keep my money for me so I can buy sweet one day. U leh? where u keep ur money?
Little girl: In my Puki lor.

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