Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Selamat Pagi!

There is a budaya or culture (I'm not sure if this is the appropriate word though) in my kosen, which some kosen doesn't have. I have thought for some time already whether to post an entry on this for some time already, until what happen this morning finally make me decided to talk about this. It's about 挨拶 (greetings) by the kohai towards the senpai. The kohai, especially the 1st year students have been trained (but I think it's a must for them) to greet any senpai that they meet when walking pass them.

I'm not saying this is not a good thing, since I have also been doing that all these years not only to the senpai, but to my kohai as well back in Malaysia. But there is a huge difference on how they greet their senpai. When they walk pass their senpai, they will be like: おはようございます (Ohayou gozaimasu). They greet the senpai really loudly. And yes, I will say that it's really loud, as if they are shouting and scolding people. You know, it's like the borak time we usually have at the mamak.

And those kohai don't just greet like that. If we talk about Japanese having a conversation, those 'Hai', 'Hai' will be repeated times over times while nodding their heads up and down. I guess most of you guys are well aware about this. It's the same when they are greeting. In fact, it's even more extreme. 90 degree! Get what I mean here? It's the same when with those kohai when they are greeting their senpai. But, I think that is a good exercise for the backbone, having bending over and over again for so many times in a day. So, when they get old, I guess there won't be any osteoporosis problem for them and perhaps could save money on buying Anlene!
There's even an incident happened to one of my friend some time ago. He was walking towards a corner and when he was just about to pass that corner, there came a loud shout by a kohai. That had shocked him out of his life! Luckily he wasn't the melatah type, coz if he was, I'm sure there'll be a great 'show' being put up! But that has yet happened to me so far :P
Anyway, the higher grade the students are, the level of intensity of their greeting decreases. 反比例関係!For the 2nd grader, they still greet, but in a lower tone. When they're in the 3rd grade, they just nod their heads. Enter the 4th grade, these kind of thing will be like an alien thing to them. In other words, they won't be doing such greeting anymore.
Back to the incident that prompted me to post on this topic. It happened this morning when I got into the toilet on my way to breakfast. I was washing my face when someone came out from one of the toilets and suddenly came the loud voice: おはようございます!
I wonder if there is really a need for them to greet people in such way...
What do you guys think?


lonehunter88 said...

haha.. i think every kousen also like that ar.. my kousen only the first year do that lar.. today when i was going to the ryou shokudou, one group of first years ran past and each one of them shouted `ohayou gozaimasu` `ohayou gozaimasu` like a band troupe.. so cool huh.. hehe.. i think it`s good training for their throat.. train for choir.. from 100 metres they can spot u on their radar and greet u.. sugoi jyan!

calvin said...

yea, sometimes while they are standing and waiting for someone, they'll be like looking around 360 degrees and see if there is any senpai around! Just to get ready to 'have their choir training'!