Monday, May 28, 2007

My 100th Post!

Yes, it's my 100th post. I must admit that this 100th post arrived much sooner than I ever thought it would. Well, maybe it's because I had been blogging too much. Going back all the way to my very first post, that was February 18 this year. Yea, for some of you, that date may sounds familiar to you, doesn't it? That's because that was the first day of Chinese New Year. So, I guess I can consider it as the birth of my blog on the year of Pig (for goodness sake, of all the 12 animals!). Never mind. Shanghai Bank's toy mascot is not too bad, isn't it? And it comes with a song as well. So, if you are bored, you can tuned into it as well.

One of the initial purpose of me starting this blog is to keep in touch with all my family members and friends in Malaysia while I'm in Japan. But I didn't know that I have been blogging not only on personal notes. Instead my preference has widen to the extend that I do talk cock sometimes. How about post that contained offensive language? No, SO FAR, I don't think so (which indirectly tells you that I might do it in the future). But you might want to know how to satisfy a girl (girls, don't click it if you can't take jokes); or does size really matter. Well, I do post entries which were those cut-and-paste forward emails and messages once in a while. I hope you don't considering me as lanun cetak rompak. I just hoping to share those jokes and articles which I find interesting with you.

And there are also post where I mainly talk about the life in Japan, their (sometimes weird) cultures, the food, the people etc. But having said that, of course I don't forget about the happenings in Malaysia. As a rakyat yang berjiwa patriotik (I'm just being SSS), how could I? The political news that have caught my attention the most must be the 'bocor' issue. I just don't know why, but I've become more interested on what's happening in our Bolehland now compared to last time where I don't even mind to watch the news and I hardly read the newspaper (excluding sports section). Yes, trust me, the 'Malaysian feeling' will be felt when you are abroad.

Of course when talking about Malaysia, the 'Malaysia Boleh' thing come to your mind, right? But I just feel that over the years, it has became an over-used term. I can accept if it's used when you are giving support to the Malaysian player (except the footballers), but what can you say when they built the 270 million Kuala Lumpur Court Complex, meant to be the biggest (which later became the 2nd) court complex in the world? White Elephant? To worsen things up, not even a year after the completion, there are problems on power failure, ceiling panel collapse, short of parking bays problems. Malaysia Boleh? You go ask Mr Samy Vellu!

One more thing. What English do Malaysian speak ler? But no prize for guessing the right answer one wor. But yalor, I'm proud to be able to speak Manglish. If there's any Singaporeans reading this, you no nit to eksyen la. I know you all talk Singlish, but still Manglish is better lar. Pai-seh har. Why? Kenot ar? Tarak syiok ar? Don't get me wrong la. I'm not doing a malu-ation on Singlish. If you kenot tahan also, don't cabut from this page immediately la. I belanja you yam-cha one day, okay?

And another thing, a new language I found out, called Benglish. If you never heard of it before, it's the English used by all those Ah Bengs and Ah Lians on our streets. I have to credit Kenny Sia for creating this software that enable me to translate my blog into Benglish. If you are bored of the usual English, this is the perfect way to brush up on your Benglish vocabulary.

Coming all the way up to this 100th post, it has taken me exactly 100 days since I started blogging. How coincident is that? That means I post an average of an entry per day. Does that indicate I'm blogging too much? I guess so. Hopefully you don’t mind when, where or how often I post my entries. By the way, it's Tuesday today, the day where I was born! Another coincident? You decide.

Okay, I reached my 100th post today. So, where do I go from here? Well, I don't have a clear idea. I don't know when I'll be reaching my 200th post or 500th post or even 1000th post. That's looking well too far ahead. I'll just try to improve it as time goes by. I hope I'll be able to post in more interesting, nicer stories and entries in the future. Of course, more of cock talking as well! Your comments and critique will be the ones to make this blog a better one.

Since this 100th post is a cause for a huge celebration, I would be very appreciative if you wouldn't mind leaving me a comment, even it if is anonymous. I would love to hear from all of you, guys and girls, no matter where are you from (if you are a martian that happened to crashed on Earth, then state which planet are you from). I am curious to see who is reading my blog. And to those of you who do usually comment, please leave one as well. Let’s see if I can bring a 100 smiles to my face today…one per comment! Lofty goal I know, but who says I can’t aim high?


Dani said...

Congratulation! I just on 5th posting now.. how do you in short period of time?

Calvin said...

dani: Thanks! :)

I've just started this blog late February this year and it seems like I'm already addicted to it!

Remember guys, BLOGGING WILL HARM YOU! Lolz!

昌元 said...

Great achievement! 100 blogs in a few months only! I have lost to you lah...haha

Really enjoy reading your blog. But one thing i just don't understand is, how can you manage your time to write so many things?

For me, it takes me an hour above to write an article only, no matter it is in Chinese or English. Anyway, i just realised that i am approaching 100 also!

Well, keep going on your journey, so that we as the passerby can continue our admiration your great journet!

Calvin said...

昌元: Thanks for the comment. But I thought you've surpassed your 100th post, no?

As I mentioned it already, I've been blogging too much nowadays. I've never thought blogging is more addictive than any drugs you can find. Even ecstacy will never beat it!