Saturday, May 26, 2007

Me And My (Poor) Handphone

30 times and above per day. That's my average.

Wondering what am I talking about? Well, that's how frequent I used to sms. But that's a long long time story. That's when I was still in Malaysia. My hp used to be my best friend. I take it along when and where ever I go, play with it, having fun with it, spending my free time with it, wasting my time with it, eat with it, sleep with it, almost everything I do, I do it along with my hp. There are some exceptions of course, eg: toilet. I just couldn't imagine how will I survived without my hp even for 24 hours.
It's funny when I recalled my pattern of sms last time. It's like the person that I often sms-ed with most of the time (which I mean almost everyday) changed every few months. Yes, most of them are of the opposite sex. I admit that. Do I need to list them down? No, I don't think so la. But, if you are saying I'm flirting, then I guess you've got the wrong point. It wasn't like I'm acting as if I'm changing partners every other month. It just happened. I just couldn't help it.
Did I have so many things to talk until I sms-ed that much? Well, most of the time had been crapping. Crapping that sometimes don't make any sense at all. But that's the reason they create the word 'crap', right? Besides crapping, what else did I do? Ahh, 'that' thing. Should I talk about it? Someone has been 'paksa-ing' me to write about it, but ... Hmmm, maybe next time la. But it wasn't a fairy tale ending. Ok, I'll stop talking about it before I got any further.
That was few months back...
Last time it used to be more than 30 sms per day.
And now?
I hardly managed to get even a double figure in a month! Maybe it has turned the opposite. 1 sms per 30 days. I try to find a reason why I've been dumping my poor handphone in my drawer all the time. I just don't have the mood I used to have to sms. And there's not many people for me to sms with. How about watching TV with my phone? Sorry, I prefer watching it though a real and bigger television box. Sometimes I feel sorry to it, not been using it as frequent as I should although it's a brand new phone. Kesihan that fella.
By the way, there's a bear in my phone, which is like the 'tamaguchi' thing la. It's like my virtual pet la. Kuman (his name) kept on popping out frequently and asking me why am I ignoring him. Somemore ask me to go to his playground-like-bedroom to play with him! Siao!
お部屋に来て一緒に遊んでほしい?(you must be kidding, Kuman!)

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