Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm Missing Something Now

I'm missing something at the moment...
something I've lost contact for months...
Yes, roti canai!
And all the others food that can be found in Malaysia. But why out of a sudden, I'm homesick of Malaysian food? Maybe it's because after I read the news that the price of roti canai won't cost more although the price of wheat flour have gone up by 15 cent recently. Not just roti canai. Char koey teow, nasi lemak, mee rebus, satay, cendol, teh tarik... and the list won't end if I were to list them here. Now I know why foreigners talk about our country being the paradise when it comes to food; and also the reason of the high rate of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and all sorts of the 'high' diseases.
The last time I got a taste of roti canai was several weeks ago. That was during the gathering among the Malaysians at Nagaoka University of Technology. But that piece of roti canai was no where any near and as good as the soft and crispy and tender roti canai that I used to eat back in Malaysia. That 'fake' imported roti canai was hard and didn't taste good. If you still can't imagine how it tasted, go to a nearby supermarket and get a frozen roti canai and you'll know how it taste. Keras!
When will I be able to taste a real mamak roti canai??
Maybe someone could send me a piece of hot roti canai to me from Malaysia :)
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jo said...

arghhhhhhhh!!!calvin!!!must u bring this up???now u got me longing for one!!!
your fault ..again!!!

calvin said...

haha, then i guess u got homesick on malaysian food as well, huh?

but, my fault again? walao, this fella. king of blaming hor? everytime anything happens, it seems to be all my fault hor?

p/s: this time i'm really innocent! lolz

Anonymous said...

See Kah Yee, I told you so.....sure you'll be foodsick when you are in Japan. Need aunty to courier to you huh? Actually i don't know why you say the imported RC is keras. The one we got here at the supermarket was actually very nice (ask jee ee - she was the one recommended to me and your newphews went crazy about them) - you must blame the cook for not knowing how to prepare them!!!!!!!!!!!



calvin said...

aunty ST: yea, i should call it 'foodsick', instead of homesick.

well, i guess the 'frozen' roti canai i can find here is almost the same like those we can get from the supermarket in malaysia.

its just that i'm longing for those soft mamak roti canai with the 'dal' and all kinds of curry (kari ikan, etc.)

jo said...

"this time im really innocent"????

hah!!means u agreed that u were guilty last time???

calvin said...

jo: hmmm, interesting...

last time? well, yea, partly. but you got to take the other half of the blame as well.

i stress again, just PARTLY only, k?