Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How Your Sensei Make You A Prey

"Calvin, solve Question 4(a) from page 23. Write it on the blackboard in front!"
Ever been through such situation before? You don't have to think twice. Just admit it! You did, right? Ever since the primary years, the teachers will frequently ask their students to answer a particular question. If you got the ones where you knew the answer, fine. Good for you. Problems only crops out when you are 'awarded' with a question where you don't have any idea at all. And it's even much bad news for you if you got those garang or I-just-accept-answer-from-the-marking-scheme type of teacher.
Take this for example: "What's the year did Malaysia gain independence?"
Hey, that's too easy. You must be 99.99% un-Malaysian if you get that wrong. Okay, how about this?
"Explain the term Renaissance".
Any idea anyone? That's just from the his-story text books. How about those calculations in Maths with all sorts of weird sign plus the tons of formulas that to be used to solve them? That's nightmare for almost anybody, don't you think so? Then back in the PPKTJ days, the 「~というのは何の意味ですか?」during the Nihongo class is common, especially if you are taught by the bagai-pinang-dibelah-dua (you know who) couple. Unfortunately, one belah of it has returned to Japan.
So, how did these teachers and sensei actually know who should they pick as their mangsa? I've figure out with no less than 5 methods commonly used by them.
Method #1: Random pick (the most common among the lot)
The sensei will just pick anyone they like. Most of the time it will go everywhere around the class but very often, the sensei will ended up forgetting who they have actually called and haven't called. If you are lucky, then you will escape from it. For some of the sensei who got got memory, sorry, there won't be any exit door for you. Commonly used by Ishikawa Sensei.
Method #2: Wait-for-your-turn pick
This method is quite common as Method #1. The sensei will just call the students in order, usually according to the students' seat. This method have good point for both the sensei and the students. For the sensei who suffers from short term memory lost, they will always prefer this method rather than the first one. As for the students, this will enable them to prepare their answer before they are called. The Kotake Sensei method.
Method #3: 'Hey, wake-up!' pick
The main reason of this method is not wanting you to answer the question. Instead the sensei is more interested of asking you to pay attention at his grumblings; opps, I mean his lesson. The sensei will used his 360 degree infra-red radar to spot for anyone who is flowing their saliva on the desk and that unlucky one will wake up, look around for a few seconds (sometimes get his head back onto the desk to continue his sleep) and look at the sensei with a blur face. Tanaka Sensei's favourite method (I kena by her a few times before!).
The following next two method were just 'discovered' by me recently. Kinda weird and bizarre methods I must say.
Method #4: What's-the-date-today pick
The sensei will just pick the students according to the date on that day. Well, each and everyone of us have own numbers when all the names in the class are arranged in alphabetical order, right? So if your number is above 31, then I'm sure you'll wish every of your sensei will be using this method! Then the sensei will usually carry on with the next student after the first one (Method #2 is applied). Kondo Sensei (my 'interesting' sensei a.k.a. my 担任先生) uses this method all the time.
Method #5 What's-the-time-now pick (I just known this method last Friday)
This must be the weirdest method I've heard so far. When the sensei is looking for someone to solve a question, he will look at the clock. It's 3.55pm. So the unlucky number 55 is his victim. But unfortunately, the number of the students usually doesn't exceed 50. So he will turn to number 05. Kesihan that fella. How would he wished that the sensei to have checked the clock a minute later. Arai Sensei (my Physics lecturer at kosen) is among the few who uses this method.
So here are among the methods that I could crack out from my long-time-no-use rusted brain. If you guys still have any other 'interesting' methods used by the sensei; or have any sensei who applies any of the methods I mentioned above, then share them here as well.


jo said...

11.12 am??whoa..u got no class izit??

lol...i add for u two more methods..
my 有機化学's sensei's way more interesting...he uses todays the month minus the(i dont know wat) he takes a few seconds to count b4 he calls the next

another is like u said..they pick the date today method...but those who are above 31 also get pick.....for ex.if today's date is 31,he will call person no 41 to do the next question...and so it goes like...1,21,31,41...

all this methods really amused me

Calvin said...

jo: walao, that 有機化学 sensei really keng la. if you don't mind, ask him for the formula he uses to pick his mangsa la! haha!

p/s: not no class, but i posted that entry from 情報処理センター! hehe...

SuwaN said...

Whenever teacher wants to ask the topic, I certainly hide, did't worried it.

ns29 said...

hey,the method #1 really suit the sensei!!! LOL
Minemura sensei also one of the good memory sensei,that can remember who's the last person he called for the class before.

luckily,i m 44 in kosen class and there's no 44th in any month!
my kosen sensei even tried this:today 13th,let's make it turn around,number 31 student!!

Calvin said...

suwan: you can't hide if the teacher knows your name. you are sure to be called if he wants to!

Calvin said...

ns29: yea, i know minemura sensei got a good memory. that's why i'm lucky not to be under him before (only after monkasho exam he entered my class). but i guess if he got einstein's brain also won't be any problem, rite? everyone knows how his lecturer's like!

i don't think the 留学生 will be called if the sensei follows the date coz usually they'll be placed at last. anyway nice idea by your sensei. i must say the number 13 is indeed unlucky for that poor student!

japanese really like to play with numbers huh? why ar?

ns29 said...

They really like numbers..
If not ced wun complain bout the 5 keta stuff...
my sensei also like to say out those root of 2 3 5 thing...
not interested in ppl that can memories a lot of numbers!!!

Calvin said...

ns29: although the japanese like numbers so much, i still wonder why their birth rate is still in the decline. hmmm...tak cukup aktif?

yea, ced got complain about the keta thing. i aso just being told that we got to memorise the value of surd 2, 3 and 5 up to 3 keta for the upcoming exam!

p/s: just as a reminder the value for surd 2, 3 and 5 is 1.41421, 1.73205 and 2.23607.(i know no one will take notice on this, but i'm just reminding myself! hehe...)

tang yii said...

my 微積3 sensei lagi keng ... his mangsa r those who sit in front ... then go 45 degree... but b4 he asks us questions, he will ask for ur permission ... normally my frenz wil choose not to answer his questions. instead, the sensei will ask tat poor mangsa to select another mangsa. but my classmates r too kind that they dun wanna susahkan other ppl... then finally the mangsa will finally become me... coz I'm the oni ryuugakusei in class...
I still remember tat the first lesson he had in my class. I was the very FIRST mangsa

Calvin said...

tang yii: haha, so most of the time, it's you the one who became the mangsa ar?

but ur sensei's method really keng la. respect him! suits him as a maths sensei. i guess everyone will be hoping that he's in a 90 degree position to them when he finds his mangsa.

btw, his method quite student-friendly also la. at least still can prefer not no answer the questions :)

SuwaN said...

but i got idea!
haha! don't tell u :P

cl3m` said...

one more method, birthdays.

Calvin said...

cl3m: i guess that would be the 'perfect' birthday present from the sensei!