Saturday, May 12, 2007

Lawat Lembu

Warning: This posting ended up being far longer than I had expected initially. But if you are lazy to read the text, then just enjoy the pictures I've posted in. There are some quite nice pics ahead. So, sit back and relax ('sit back and relax' reminded me of my choral speaking text few years back) and enjoy! ^.^
Take a look at this:
Well, I bet most of you guys will not understand what's being written on the signboard. Then let me do the translation part. 長岡市営スキー場 (Nagaoka City Municipal Ski Ground); 東山ファミリーランド (Higashiyama Family Land) and 市営牧場 (Municipal Stock Farm).
workers cutting firewoods along the way there
Well, I did mention in one of my earlier post where Ridzuan and I met an aunty a few days ago and she told us about a cow's farm nearby our kosen. So, we planned to go there today, since there is nothing much to do, rather than 'hibernating' in our room.
But we went there 6 hours later than our initial plan! Although we planned to go there at 8am, after some 'unavoidable circumstances' (Ridzuan had his 朝寝坊 (woke up late), while I was in front of the laptop the whole morning). So we ended up going there at 3pm. It wasn't really far, just about 10 minutes cycle from our kosen.
here we are!
The road to that place was quite sloppy, so we pushed our bicycle when we reach those sloppy parts. Still, it was tiring. Damn lucky coz today it wasn't really hot or really cold. The weather was just nice.
The first place we went was goat's and sheep's farm. There were some ponies there as well. Besides that, there were chickens (they look like ayam serama) and really cute rabbits (not to say I never seen a rabbit before in my life).
he/she (not sure coz I never go and check) looks tired
are they ayam serama?
So I went to 'play' with those cute bunnies first. Well, for some who knows me, I'm not very good in this handling (I mean cuddling) animal part. I just feel geli. You know what's geli? It's when you carry these animals and since their body is soft, you can actually feel their bones. Well, I guess Calvin will never be a veterinarian. But after making up my mind that I won't be going away until I get to 'conquer' those rabbits, I forced myself to my newly set 'mission'.
'this is how you carry the rabbits', says the board
and this little boy is feeding them with carrots
black and white rabbits
I splitted my 'mission' into 3 parts:
Mission #1: Get close to them.
Mission #2: Touch and slowly cuddle with them.
Mission #3: Carry them on my laps.
mission #2 almost completed
It took me few long minutes before I get to carry them coz they keep on running away from me. Now, say about it's good to be tall. Now I'm facing this disadvantage. I guess they ran away after thinking that this 'giant' is trying to catch them and they might be thinking that they could ended up in the plate of a restaurant. Satay arnab perhaps.
mission accomplised!
Then, I switch myself to those goats and sheeps. Those goats were quite big sized compared to Malaysia's goat. If you ever seen a goat in Malaysia, then I guess you'll get what am I mean here. These goats seems to be quiet compared to those 'sick' sheeps (tell you more after this).
ひつじ (sheep)
this fella realised I was taking their pics
nice (sexy) pose?
sticking out his head between the poles
dia tak layan aku!!
And the sheeps. How should I describe them? They make me laugh everytime I think about them. Well, I guess they mabuk already coz they keep on walking around in a line. And they kept repeating the same 'formation' for hours! Really sesat sheeps they were!
here they come
and making a u-turn to repeat the same movements
After trying some of the obstacle course which were available in that area, we went to look for cows. Anyway, talking about the obstacle course, I almost went and 'play' with a hanging bridge (not the pic below) which was meant for kids. Luckily Ridzuan told me about it. If not, sure the kids there will look at me with those kind of face which will make you feel like you are from Mars.
this moving bridge is interesting to have a try with
Did I mentioned that we were going to look for cows? Yes, lembu.
Here, like the goats, the cows is much more 'sihat'. And they're like those cows in New Zealand; black with white spots. But pity those cows, they were in the cage and not being let freely in green field. When we went there, the workers were giving dried grass to the cows.
zebra crossing?
Only when we were on our way back, we saw those cows being let free in a more spacious area. We had a short chat with one of the worker, but to be honest, we didn't understand what was he talking about. So, we were like 'yes', 'I see...', 'really?' all the way. Anyway, to say that we didn't understand anything at all would be a clear lie, right? At least we got to know that the cows there are for meat and milk as well.
Calvin with the cows
Then we went to the green house, next to the cow's kandang. There were two green house there; one is for strawberries and the other is for flowers. In front of the green houses, there were a board with a huge water mill. We were just allowed to entered the latter. Those flowers inside were for sale. Some were sold at 100yen per pot.
me and Ridzuan in front of the green house
As for the strawberries, we could just able to look at them from outside the green house. So the initial intention by Ridzuan who thought that we could maybe pluck those strawberries and taste it just gone. Anyway, most of them are yet to fully ripe.
Next stop was the ski ground. Since now it's still spring and of course it's not snowing, but you can still ski here. They call it 'Summer Ski'. We just went there to look around and didn't try skiing though. There were also tennis courts for those who fancy 'playing with balls'.
the ski run for summer ski
on the left is the ski run during the winter
We were planning to head back but we found out there is another nice place we haven't been to. 花と緑の広場. I'm not sure how to translate this, but this is the closest I could do: 'field with flowers and green'. Again the way there were sloppy. And again, we pushed our bicycle up. On the way there, there were green meadow but not even a single cow could be spotted there. Sigh...
can you spot any cows here?
I did! as much as 3 types of cows (on the board)!
When we reach the 花と緑の広場, the scenery was just breathtaking. Just look the the pics below and you'll know what I mean. The carpet of the 'don't-know-what's-the-name' yellow flower will just make you close to expressing those "wah!!" when you see something for the first time in your life.

It just made us forgot about the tiredness we suffered along the way there. To be honest, I really don't have any idea what's the flower, but they looks like those bunga sawi that you can see in pasar pagi.

Calvin in the wonderland
When we went a bit higher, we could almost see the whole Nagaoka City. It was as if we have conquered Everest! (that was over exaggerating). Spending time during the sunset should be sweet here (are you thinking what am I thinking right now?) :P
It was already 6pm by that time and our stomach were calling already. So we headed back to kosen and have our dinner after an interesting 3-hour trip.


Joann said...

calvin!!!!how dare u?u went to a farm and dint ajak me???i wanna see the rabbits+horses+goats!!!!i wanna see the flowers!!!!i dint know theres a field of flowers here in nagaoka..u are so going to take me there!!!!this sat???PLS!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


It was a pleasant suprise to receive phone call from you. at least ingat pun kat aunty. You told me that you put on weight but your photos, you seem to have lost weight. Where got fat..still can eat more........anyway nice photo taking skills. looks like ada talent to be professional photographer- maybe as hobby?

bye and take.

aunty ST

calvin said...

joann: it was a last minute plan, ok? and when ridzuan and me were asking among the guys if anyone would like to join us, they were laughing at us all the way.

when ridzuan asked muazam, “tengok lembu??!!” was his answer. same goes with yk, with his usual “malaysia don’t have lembu izit?” kind of answer.

so in the end, just both of us went la. but never knew we found such a nice place just behind our kosen. anyway, i heard from our tutor that there’s 遠足 and we are going there (the same place) next wednesday. whole 3 nen sei i think.

if the plan tak jalan, we go this saturday la. take you see those bunnies. (malangnya no puppies there la) hehe.. ^.^

calvin said...

anuty ST: don't worry. although i'm thousands of miles away from malaysia, i still ingat all at home wan. but i should have start with 'moshi moshi', instead of the usual 'hallo' when i called, right? :P

haha!! lost weight? sure or not? but sometimes people said we will look different in pics from our actual self, isn't it? maybe this applies to me!

photography? maybe as a hobby nia la. still have plenty to learn. :) anyway, nice to hear that finally got people puji my photos i've posted.