Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Half-Baked Apology

"We are apologising to all women. OK. Thank you, I have to catch a flight"
That was a statement by one of the monkeys from Kinabatangan. Is that considered an apology? Opposition leader Lim Kit Siang called that 'a half-baked apology'. To me, I would be calling it 'not even a quarter-baked apology'. As a quote from Batu Gajah MP Fong Po Kuan, that have came 'too little too late' as both the monkeys at the Parliment took more than a week to apologised.
And why should they apologised on Wednesday, only to retracted it later? It just shows how insincere they are, as if being 'forced into' offering their apology on their sexists remarks. And worse still, they didn't mention anything about apologising to Fong personally. Instead they just directed their apology to all the women in general.
Now I know why 'Sorry seems to be the hardest word'...
To those two monkeys, I know both of you have 'bird brain'. Everyone knows that. But I'm afraid Malaysians will never be fooled into such statement of 'apology'. Does that mean that you can say or do just about anything not only in the Parliament, but in our daily life in general and only to offer your apology later on? Then I will commit a murder on someone I hate tonight and offer my apology the next morning. Settled!
I'm not going to comment much longer on this already coz I've already sick of seeing how childish and the low mentality of these 'circus performers'. If they are elected to the Parliament only to bring up such sensitive issues, and shouted like those uneducated people like the samseng and Ah Longs, then they might as well apply for those jobs. I'm sure they'll be welcome anytime. Especially if they were to perform with the elephants and lions at the circus.
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