Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Green Green Grass By The Window

As the title suggests, it didn't really turned out to be 'green green grass' after all. We were pocked from our sweet dreams early in the morning; 6am to be exact just for this 草取り (plucking grass) thing. Never in my wildest dreams that there will be such activity in my kosen. And it's an annual event!
The rational? Well, it seems that during the summer, those insects or I should say bugs (is there any differences between those two word?) will make the grass as their 'factory'. In other words, sarang pembiakan and their home as well. And when that happens, they'll enter the rooms through the windows. I wonder what kind of sesat insects (or bugs) are they. Hmmm...
So, when we were at the assemble area, we realised that we are the last to be there. After some short instructions from Mrs Tada (from the hostel), we started our work. Everyone took a sabit each and Adeli said we can use it to poke at any Japanese that we are not syiok with.
"Tahun lepas, 3 orang meninggal bila buat kusatori (草取り) ni, tau!" he added. That was the usual Adeli who likes to crap, right?
It was done in groups, where each block has its own area to clear the rumput liar. Our group was just next to the 食堂 (canteen). When I reached there, I tried to spot the area with the least grass. That's wasn't a wrong thing to do, right? That's not a 'sin'. That's smart thinking! Since we were using sabit, so it wasn't a big deal to get rid of the grass. Anyway, instead of the possibility of 'discovering' worms, wouldn't it be better if I found something more precious; eg. money while I'm digging the soil with my sabit karat (I've forgotten what's 'karat' in English!).
It seemed that we were going to continue that until breakfast time, which about an hour away. Yes, an hour! Just imagine it. But somehow, 'miracle' happened. It rained. It wasn't heavy, just enough for us to give excuse to stop our work. That's just about 10 minutes from the time we started plucking the grasses. Apa lagi, we straight run back to our hostel and wait for breakfast time la!