Friday, May 18, 2007

Fire At My Hostel!




Well, it there was a fire at our hostel. But not the real kebakaran. It's fire drill to be exact. After waking us up early in the morning couple of days ago for that 草取り thing, this morning we were make to wake up EARLY again. This time it was the fire drill. When I say early, it's really early. 6am! Here it's certainly different from Malaysia because as by that time, the sun has already began to rise. I was still on the bed when I heard those 'Ohayou gozaimasu' shout by the 1st grader outside and I knew they have began to assemble. But the emergency bell was yet to rang. So what's the hurry? I continued lying on my bed.
Then, it finally came. The bell! Well, I did say this is just a fire drill, right? So everyone walked down slowly as if they're going for breakfast. No sense of urgency from anyone, anywhere. But it's not really necessary. I still took my sweet time going to the toilet, washing my face and walked down to where they're assembling.
Again, it was us who were among the last group outside. After being 'treated' with some talks (luckily it was kinda short talk, not like the LONG speech we usually get from the Pengetua, PKs, the head of the firefighters, etc when doing the latihan kebakaran in Malaysia), all of us went back, except the 1st and 2nd grader. Kesihan them coz they still need to stay there to be shown the way to use the fire extinguisher. I watched them too; from the window of my room! Instead of the usual CO2 (did I get my facts correct?), they replaced it with WATER!
"okay boys (and some girls), this is how you use a fire extinguisher; carry (angkat), push (tolak) and picit!"
putting off the seemingly 'invisible fire' with water

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