Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Lately, I've been dreaming. Yea, for the past two nights, I've been dreaming. But we all know that whenever we dreamt about something, the moment we woke up, and pops it goes, everything will be gone. You'll forget what, who, when, where and how you dreamt just seconds ago. How good it is if those genius scienties who spend most of their lives experimenting with white mice could come out with an machine which can record our dreams.
Then I guess the happiest person in the world would be my late grand grandma. Know why? Well, my mum used to tell me that when she was small, she sleeps with her grandma. In the middle of having a nice sleep, she always will be waken up by her grandma coz she wanted to ask my mum to write down the nombor ekor she dreamt. And my mum will obediently write down those toto numbers so that the next morning, her grandma could go to the toto shop and 'buy' the numbers.
I guess there are many types of dreams. It can be happy ones, sad, funny, scary (cerita hantu), memorable and also about something where you hope you'll never be reminded again. As I said just now, it's common that we tend to forget immediately what we had dreamt. But I just couldn't know the reason why I still remember the ones I went through for the last two nights.
I'll start with the one last night. Quite funny and doesn't make sense at all I guess. Well, it goes like this. I went to a restaurant for a meal and I saw Shimizu Sensei, sitting at a table, alone there. Well, for you who doesn't know who's her, she's my former Japanese lecturer in PPKTJ. Although I saw her there, I just don't know why I didn't greet her. Instead I straight went to order my food. By the way, the restaurant is a self service restaurant (but I'm sure it's neither KFC nor McDonald's).
After getting my food, I went to look for a place but after going around and ended up not getting a seat, I return to Shimizu Sensei's table to greet her. Since she said it's okay for me to join her for the meal, so I sat there. But the conversation wasn't as friendly as I used to be with her. That's another thing that kept me pondering.
Later a guy walked towards our table. I though that was one of those Bangla waiter the restaurant hired. "Here he comes", Shimisu Sensei told me. That time I was in total blur. Isn't Shimizu Sensei still single? Could that be her partner? That's impossible, I thought. Guess who's that? An dark-skin guy! And Shimizu Sensei proudly told me that's her husband! I was like what?! She's married already? Shimizu Sensei married an Indian guy?
I know nowadays it not uncommon for inter-racial marriage, but for that to happen to Shimizu Sensei never crossed my mind. That time, I wanted to ask her about it. But then, as usual, when you are reaching the climax of your dreams, pops!!! You will wake up. That's what happened.
Okay, to the next dream which I went through two nights ago. This one was an unexpected one and it's quite a short dream; to my relieve. The place was unclear. But I guess that time, I was walking and I met with her. That time, I was unsure whether to start a conversation with her. It has been some time since I keep on thinking about her and I thought I have forgotten about everything that had happened before this. But someone next to me ask me to go and have a chat with her. Just when I was to approach her, again, popped it went! I just don't have any idea what woke me up. Really kek si me nia that time!
By the way, for those of you who still doesn't know who that girl is, well, it's someone I liked before this. I don't think I should be mentioning her name her :P


ns29 said...

Seriously,I laughed out when I read the Indian guy part!!
Dreams just always make people wondering what and why...
And it really likes to stop at the climax!

calvin said...

When I recall that dream, only I realised how funny it was!

But you never know. Shimizu Sensei could really end up with a Bangla guy! Lolz!!