Wednesday, May 16, 2007


遠足: excursion; school trip; outing; hiking, picnic, field day.
That was what being shown when I look for that word '遠足' from my electronic dictionary. So, which word should I choose as its translation? Well, I guess all those words can just be accepted. So today, we have our 遠足 thing, but we still got to wake up as usual time. At first, we thought maybe we could wake up a bit later, but it didn't turned out that way.
After breakfast and took our お弁当, we went to assemble at the field. They made us sit under the hot morning sun while doing the usual stuff like taking the attendance and some short instructions. Lucky me coz I didn't get any sunburn after being roasted under the sun for about half an hour.
the field were all of us assemble before we are off to the camp site
it was just like a line of bees flying; it stretched almost 1 kilometer!
The walk to the camp site was around 30 minutes, but after some 'smart thinking' by some from my classmates, we ended up taking more time that we supposed to. Instead of just go straight, they thought they could take a short-cut by turning right. In the end, knowing that they were going nowhere, they turn back to the left. Some who still intend to go on with their 'short-cut' route ended up having to cross a small stream. I don't think they made up much time for taking that route.
After reaching the camp site, we were like don't know what to do. 近藤先生 (Kondo Sensei) sat at a corner and stood up and walked around occasionally. The rest? They just sit there, stare at each other. Well, actually it didn't get to that extend. It's just me being over exaggerating. Well, they sat down and do the biasa thing-chatting; what else.
"I wonder where have all my students gone..."
this was during the time we just arrived
everybody just sat there...
I sat down and have a chat together with them as well while eating our お弁当. The content inside it? A doughnut, bread with a slice of cake in between, a packet of fruit juice and of course, BANANA! It seems that banana is a famous thing to bring during 遠足 to the Japanese.
my お弁当 (obento); notice the thing on the far left: a toilet tissue roll (not brought by me, but someone just tumpang my place)
In the end, after eating those bananas, we collected the skin and make the famous trap using banana's skin. First, we put it altogether in a place. Then later, we lined them up in a straight line. But as expected, it didn't work out as the soil there wasn't slippery. Not a single human became our mangsa today. Mission failed!
preparing the skin for our perangkap
one of our failed mission
Nakajima was the main man today and responsible for the cooking part. The menu for today was 焼きそば (yakisoba) or fried noodles. Just like the mee goreng back in Malaysia. After eating for a few rounds (3 times I think) we continued chatting away. While they were frying the noodles, I went there to have a look. Yes, 見るだけ.
I can tell you 9 out of 10 people there are either watching or waiting for the food to be ready
my class's stove; right at the middle
frying the noodles all the way
and the 焼きそば is finally done and ready to be eaten
The stove of the students from 物質工学科3年 (Chemical Engineering 3rd Year) was just next to us. Joann was there with her friends and she was holding two plates of sotong. So I ask their permission if I can have a taste. It tasted so nice that one piece turned to two, three, four and it continued until Joann drop one of the plate! So clumsy that fella. What else, I kena blame la, although the real fact is that I'm innocent! :P
this pic made us look like those pelarian without food for days!
Later Tanaka asked me to join him in the treasure hunt game called 'Walk Rally'. I guess its more correct to call it 'human hunt' coz we were supposed to look for guys with a yellow armband around the camping site. The task of looking for them took us all the way up to the mountain, which in the end, we found no one there. That time we just found two out of the required seven 'human'.
here we go (I've got my first 'human' already)
So we returned to Oohara (he was from the Students Council and one of the two 'human' we have found) with the intention of asking him where are the rest of the 'humans' . It seemed that two more were just around that area and the other three is at the tennis court.
After completing the task at the tennis court, we were approached by a guy. At first I thought it was one of Tanaka's friend. But he told me later that he didn't know him as well. Well, that guy came to us, lend us his pencil (to fill in the clue) and asked where we got the final 'human'. I felt weird coz the final human we got was just standing in front of him, next to us.
Not really understands what he meant that time, I just smiled to him. Again, while on the way back to the main check point, Tanaka explained to me and we just couldn't control ourselves that we laughed so loudly. I guess I've made the action by SMILING to that guy. I must say that guy was ちょう面白い!
See! Sometimes it's good to have 下手な日本語 (poor Japanese Language)!
mission completed!
What did both of us get? Well, the prize was some coupons that can be used at our kosen's kiosk. They called it 売店券 (baitenken). Be the first 20 people to complete the task will win you 500 yen (RM 16) coupon. We were around the 18th (not sure of the exact position though) to completed our tasks and both of us won 500 yen's 売店券 each. So in the end, our effort paid off even though having gone for the 山登り for nothing earlier!
the 500 yen 売店券 that I won!
from left: Tanaka (my tutor), Nakajima (chef of the day) and me with our winning coupons
There is also some telematch played there. There one game where they called it as 'Kick-Base'. It's a combination of two sports. Not the hardest question in the world to guess those two sports I think. Well, it can be called a rojak game also since they combined football and baseball.
Later before returning to the kosen, we went to the tennis court and some of them have some fun with tennis. I tried to play it. It's my first time in my life and I think I can just put it in one word: DISASTER! So, I don't want to talk much more about it already :P
After clearing the site, we walked back and on the way, something unexpected happened. An accident. No, it didn't involved any of our students, but a car, about the size of a Kancil, went down into a parit in the paddy field area.
everyone were curious what was happening in front...
this 'expert' driver (second from right) still managed to smile at the camera!
Lucky that women coz we were there and the whole group of us decided to pushed it up from that parit. In the end, we did it. Just that I 'managed' to wet my shoes as I lost my balance and stuck one of my legs into the parit. Anyway, it wasn't a big deal.
checking at any damages to her car
the car is finally back to it's initial position
At least today, I've done a GOOD DEED!


Joann said...

correction!it's partly your fault,to stop you from stealing more sotongs,one of my plate basically if u weren't there to come and kacau me..this incident wouldnt have happened!!u are to be blame!!!muahahaah(evil laugh)....and i havent balas dendam yet also...

calvin said...

i already agak that you'll put the blame on me as well. but i just couldn't help it ma. who ask you guys prepared those sotong until it tasted so umai (good)?

want to balas dendam? どうぞ宜しくお願い致します。kakaka!!!