Thursday, May 24, 2007


The last period today was 特別活動 (special activity). This period can be considered as a free period. Last few weeks they have been discussing about our lawatan sambil belajar trip for next year. It's haven't been really decided, but we could be going to Kansai area. That means we would probably be going to Kyoto and Nara.
Then last week, a lecturer from Nagaoka University of Technology came and give a talk about that university. I didn't hear what he was talking that time coz the atmosphere in the class was just too perfect for me not to get into my sweet dreams as he was using the projector for his presentation and the class was dim.
So, today when I got to the class for this 'special activity' period, I heard my sensei saying we were going to watch Harry Potter. I was like what?! Harry Potter?! Okay, I admit I'm not a fan of Harry Potter. Of the 6 (or 7?) books that have came out, I guess I've not even read a full page of any of them. And the fact that I'm not a cacing buku didn't do me any favour either.
The movie we watched today was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. But I'm not sure it's from which number of the Harry Potter series though. Can any Harry Potter fans out there help me on this? Okay, so the show started. But the Japanese a.k.a my classmates put the audio in Japanese. If you think that's not enough, they didn't put English subtitle on it! I'm not saying I didn't understand at all, but then, it's still hard to get what the 'Japanese Harry Potter' is talking, right? I didn't ask them to put the subtitle though coz I was damn sleepy that time and was just waiting to fall into my dreamland.
For the first few minutes, I was still awake coz I wanted to see how funny would it be for Harry to talk in Japanese. It was something like this:

Hermione: Harry, wake up! Breakfast is ready. Quick!
Harry: Huh, so early? It's boring...

I just couldn't control myself from laughing when I heard those first few line of conversation. But not to make my Japanese friends around me from thinking I'm weird by laughing for no reason, I just grinned. Still, it's really funny la. You will know it if you watch it, I can assure you! Anyway, the way they changed the audio into Japanese is not bad, although it's normal that the lips movement is still not the same. Far better than those Korean drama back in Malaysia.
After watching a good few minutes of it, I slept all the way until it was time to go back. I guess I slept for about 40 minutes :)
Still, I prefer watching any movie or drama in their original languague. I couldn't imagine how would it be if Harry Potter is translated into Bahasa Melayu. Maybe it will be something like this:

Harry: Ron, carikan penyapu terbang untuk saya.
Ron: Penyapu terbang apa? Mana kau letak?
Harry: Awak ni memang 'baka' (idiot) tau! Kalau saya tau mana saya letak, saya takkan tanya awak lagi la! 'Baka' betul budak ni!

And how about taking one of those classic P. Ramlee film and translate it into Japanese maybe? Take 'Madu Tiga' for example:

Jamil (P. Ramlee): Ni, abang nak cakap satu benda ni.
Rohani (Sarimah-wife #3): Apa benda?
Jamil (P. Ramlee): Sebenarnya kan, abang dah buat 「poligami」.
Rohani (Sarimah-wife #3): 「Poligami」? Apa benda tu?
Jamil (P. Ramlee): Sayang tak tau ke? Hmm, bagus la tu.
Rohani (Sarimah-wife #3): Apa bagus pulak? Bagi tau la!
Jamil (P. Ramlee): Err, 「poligami」tu lebih kurang sama dengan 「origami」. Maksudnya lebih kurang sama je.

That's all folks. Hope you enjoyed it :)

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