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Before I go any further, let me wish all the teachers in Malaysia:

Happy Teacher's Day

Well, the reason I mentioned 'all the teachers in Malaysia' is because I just got to know that not all the countries celebrate Teachers' Day on May 16. Our southern neighbours for example, celebrate Teacher's Day on September 1st.
Teacher's Day is here again. I'm what I am today because of the guidance by my yesterday's teachers. Haha, too flowery? I can still remember my first teacher, Mrs. Liang. She was my kindergarten teacher and is the one who taught me ABC in my early schooling years.

I guess she's very good when it comes to recognizing people's face coz whenever I met her by accident, say like at the town, although sometimes she tend to forget my name, she still recognise me. Even after more than 14 years, she is still going strong and continues to teach at the very same kindergarten.
When I entered my primary school, Mrs. Choo was my class teacher. I guess it was her strictness on her students that have produce a good bunch of us. I still remember she is the one who picked me as the assistant class monitor. My job wasn't that hard coz since my class monitor will be taking the attendance book, my job was just like padam papan hitam (erase the blackboard in the classroom).
But if I were to talk about more interesting part, that would certainly the tulis-nama-orang-bising part (write the names of those who are noisy in the classroom). Knowing both of us will be writing their names, they'll put both of their hands on the table and keep themselves quiet. They call this tidur.
But for naughty ones, they just ignored us. So we'll write their names in multiples; eg. 'Ali x 3'. The multiple will keep on increasing and decreasing. If they got little quiet, then we'll slowly cut down the figures. I just wonder what kind of system was that and what were we thinking at that time?
Looking a little further up, during my secondary years, there were indeed a number of teachers that I won't forget. Those from SGI will certainly know very well who is Mr. Wong Pak Kiong. This Kemahiran Hidup teacher is the garang type. When I say garang, I really mean it. But looking at the softer side, he is among those teachers who will crack those 'interesting-but-make-sense' jokes during our lesson.
My Maths teacher in Form 5, Mr. Oon is just from the same boat. As you guys know, Maths is the subject where if you don't get an 'A', you are considered fail. For Mr. Oon standard, 'A' is only if you get 90 marks and above. So for most of the time during the lesson, he'll be spending more time for cracking stupid and 'naughty' jokes (I'm sure you understand this, right?) than teaching.
Talking about the sensei in PPKTJ, I'm sure for most of the ex-PPKTJ, the name of 石川正臣先生 or just Ishikawa Sensei will cross your mind. This 'young and handsome' (that's what he claims all the time) sensei can be fun to have a chat with, but when he gets serious, especially exams, he means business. Just try holding a pencil before the exam starts and see what will he do.
Anyway, he can be hilarious when we crap with him, where most of the time, the topic would be about he being the most handsome guy in PPKTJ (once he claimed that it should be 'in the world'!)
How about Teacher's Day in Japan then? I asked my tutor this morning and I was told that there isn't any celebration as an appreciation for the teachers in Japan. Am I surprised? 50-50. YES, because although the Japanese use 尊敬語 (respectful language) in their life, there is no such day to show their gratitude to their teachers.
And NO, because they are simply Japanese. Modern Japanese to be precise. So, I guess there is no feeling of thankful towards their teachers and hence, no Teacher's Day for the poor teachers in Japan. Instead they tend to give funny names and talk crap stuff about their teachers. Almost all of the teachers in my course became their mangsa.
Does this show that they are disrespectful? You decide yourself. One of the teacher is Satou 'Hamu' Sensei. Although I don’t really have any idea what does 'hamu' mean, but they tend to run away whenever they see him around. 話が長い, according to them.
I know the names I mentioned above is just a few of the lots. There are still many more, but if I were to mention on each and everyone of them, then this will end up being a LONG post. But I guess I've been only talking about stories of my teachers above, and it has gone FAR away from my initial main topic.
Back to the main point now.
Well, I used to give my teachers presents on Teacher's Day. Flowers, cards, pens, photo frames, mugs, etc, etc. As time passes by, I have slowly stop giving those presents to my teachers. But I guess to appreciate your teachers is not just about giving presents as there are still many ways to do it.
Read this article and you'll know that it's not just about materialism. Respect your teachers or getting a good result in exams will certainly make your teachers feel proud of you and feel that their effort hasn't gone down to the drain.

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