Friday, May 11, 2007


Today, we had our 留学生歓迎懇談会 (welcoming party for foreign students) for the... hmm, I've forgotten how many times this thing had been held (4th or 5th time I think). As usual, it started off with a speech by the MC, followed by the introduction of the newly entered 3rd year students into Nagaoka National College of Technology (NNCT).
Later, it's the main event. Makan time. I guess I would prefer to take this makan time as the main event, instead of the 自己紹介 (self introduction) which was held later on. Before we makan, while introducing us, we were asked to stand in front, around one of the table which was full with all kinds of food. You just name it, and I guess those food was there. Sushi (as usual, nothing surprising), sashimi, fried chicken, egg, fish, meat, cakes, jelly, tea, soft drinks and much more. As I said, just name it and you'll almost certainly get it.
I must tell you that standing in front of those food was just tempting and I just couldn't take a look away from them! And I was as if they're celebrating a birthday for us. You know, when we celebrate someone's birthday, we used to stand around the birthday cake and sing those song (u know what song) to the birthday boy/girl. It's just that the birthday cake was missing.
Enough crapping on those.
After the makan session, came the 自己紹介 part. This time, it was done following the list. What else? I was the first to be called. And that time, I was just finished stuffing my this big piece of steamed fish into my mouth. So, I tried my very best to swallow it in one go. Thank god I didn't tiok ke (I just couldn't figure out the English word for this!). After taking a sip of water, I went in front and do the 自己紹介 thing. It ended with a photo session with college's principal, Mr Takada Kouji.

from left: Ulya, Joann, Asraf, Mr. Takada Kouji, Sodo (Mongolia), Muazam, Fadzli Shah, Yan Kuang, Ridzuan and me

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