Thursday, May 17, 2007

Finally An Apology From The Two Monkeys

Can monkeys talk human language? Finally after lots of protest made from various individuals as well as organisations, those two monkeys from the Parliament finally offered their apology for their 'unintended remarks' made during the exchange in the Parliament several days ago regarding the 'bocor' issue.
I just wonder in the first place, why didn't they think twice (or in their case, thrice might even not enough) before they say anything, especially which touches on gender issues. But I think I don't have to think too hard because everyone know that there are some MPs in the Parliament are just 'jokers' who could make better money with the elephants and clowns in the circus. No wonder they referred our Parliament as the circus of Malaysia.
Anyway, I just feel 'sad' for their (most of the MPs) third world mentality and how on earth can such individuals have been elected to represent the rakyat from their area. I guess those people from Kinabatangan and Jasin should think more than thrice in the next general election.

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