Wednesday, May 2, 2007

2nd May 2007

Today's 2nd May 2007. There are two events today. First and foremost, it's my dad's 50th birthday.
So here, I would like to wish Daddy
Wishing daddy will stay happy and healthy always :)
And secondly, is it has been a month since I came to Japan. Yea, it's exactly 30 days since I'm here. But I guess in this short period, I have gone through over quite a number of experiences and stuff like that. I know I'm still new here, but I'm still keep on learning new stuff coz we don't stop learning throughout our lives, do we?
I guess I've posted out most of the things I've gone through in Japan so far. But for most of the time, I think we have had quite a number of 歓迎会 among the foreign students, besides some outing as well with our fellow Malaysians as well as with the sensei and our tutors. Talking about outing and stuff like that had made me almost didn't mention anything about study and work. Well, to be honest, we really kinda free and relax in this first month we were here. The assignments have been kept to the minimum level. But I know it's going to increase sooner or later.
Three of us (Yan Kuang, Joann and me) will be going down to Tokyo after lunch tomorrow by train. When we reach there round 7.30pm, there will be senpai waiting for us. But on the way, we got to change the train twice. Hoping everything will be go smoothly though! Since I'll be in Tokyo until this Sunday, I guess I won't be able to update my blog till then. But, I'll send my updates from Tokyo if I got internet access from there. I'll be posting my pictures from Tokyo after I'm back.

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