Thursday, April 12, 2007


Most of us finished our class early today coz we just have our Japanese Language class after our lunch. So by 3pm, most of us were free already. So since we think there's nothing to do, why not we go to the nearby temple for a stroll. So off we go to Yukyuzan Temple which is located about 10 minutes walk from our kousen. There were quite a number of people there when we went there. As there is a park that will be the place for 花見 (hanami), there were already some stalls being set up.
By the way, I'm sure most of you guys must be wondering what hanami is all about. Well, it's like a festival (I'm no very sure if festival is the correct word) where the people will be having like a picnic under those sakura trees. And they will be eating sushi, drinking sake, having some chat among each other and some other stuff as well. We'll be going to this park again this Saturday for hanami. But since the sakura have already began to bloom, there were already people there for hanami. So these are some of the pictures we took from the park.
at the front of the park
the parking area in front of the park
there were sakura trees even at the parking area
still not much cars on the day we went though
長岡観光 (Nagaoka Kankou)
a temple inside the park
same temple, just different angle
not very sure what is this though, a house maybe...
this is a palace which they turned it into a museum I think
at the entrance to the museum
the museum from behind
not very sure what is this all about!
bamboo trees were our background
stalls selling stuff (mostly food) inside the park
there wasn't many people yet who came for hanami
but come this weekend, this area is sure to be packed with people
me in the park surrounded with sakura trees
these sakura are like hanging from the branches
under the sakura
taking some group photos under the sakura tree
although 6 of us went there, there are always just 5 of us in every group photos
coz the remaining one will be the photographer!

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