Friday, April 20, 2007

Welcoming Party For New Students

After our Japanese language class this evening, we assemble at the student's affairs office with all the other foreign students. We were actually having 新入留学生歓迎会 (welcoming party for new students) at 栖吉コミュニティーセンター (a local community centre). Besides the foreign students, there were the principal, lecturers and some Japanese students from our kosen as well. We went there in several lecturer's cars and reached there at around 6pm. It was just a 2 minutes drive, so it's kinda near from our kosen.
There, we entered the 玄関 (genkan: a place in from of the door where the Japanese will be taking off their shoes and change into slippers) and went to the 2nd floor (it's 1st floor in Malaysian context). There we saw the food and drinks have been prepared on the table. Since that time we haven't have our dinner, and our stomach have started to make noise already, I was thinking we could start eating.
However, the party started with the speech from the principal and later, we started to eat. Among the food there were sushi (of course), some of the local delicacies (like sashimi, fried prawn, eggs, fish and etc) and fruits as well. The presentation was as usual nice which made me think twice before started to eat. But it's usual for the Japanese to decorate their food nicely.

After that, it was the 自己紹介 (self introduction) thing and I happened to be the first to get it started. Although it wasn't the first time we do this introduction thing, still I was nervous in front of the principal, lecturers and the other students. Anyway, it went pretty well I guess. Then it continued with the introduction from students in the 4th and 5th grader, followed by the lecturers and the remaining Japanese students.
After all the introduction thing, everybody just chatting away. I have a 'janken' game (like oo som in Malaysia) with the my tutors. The penalty? Losers will have to eat the parsley (doesn't taste any good at all!). I almost lost in the game, but I had a lucky escape in the final round. It ended up with all 3 of our tutors eating those parsley.

Tanaka, who lost in the janken game

my tutor, Tanaka (yea, same name) who lost in the game as well

The party ended at 8pm and we walked back to the kosen along dark roads while chatting about stuff like ghost stories and others as well. Well, I this is the the 3rd 歓迎会 (1st was during the introduction of our tutor, while the second during the 入寮式). But there will be more 歓迎会 to come after this as well as activities like hiking, picnic, holiday trip, fireworks party and skiing for the foreign student as well.

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