Monday, April 16, 2007

Was The Machine Really Working?

I went to do some simple medical checkup after my class this evening. It was done at the 健康室 (medical room) in one of the blocks in my kosen. Well, we don't really know where it was, so our tutor who will also be doing the check-up took us there. The was just a nurse (I think) in the room, and everything was self-service (like the one you can find at petrol stations and McDonald's, but at least at McDonald's, there are people who will be taking your orders).
There was a automatic machine which measure our height and weight at the same time. We just need to step on a board and a bar will come down until it reaches the tip of our head. And the reading will be printed out. But what surprised me was the reading that came out. I thought in this high tech country, their machine will be working up to the standard it should be.
However, that wasn't to be the case. In just 2 weeks (15 days) I've been in Japan, I've gained about 5 kilograms. And my height? It became lesser! How can that be, isn't it? I was shorter by almost 3 cm! So, am I really gets shorter and gained so much in such a short period? Or it's the machine that wasn't working well? I guess it's the latter. I tried to remeasure it a few times, but the result was pretty much the same. Kek si me nia!
Then we finished off our check-up by doing the eyesight and blood pressure thing. There is also one test we did that I heard for the first time. It's the measurement of height when we are sitting down. I'm not very sure what is the rational of taking the measurement anyway. After everything was done, we returned to our rooms.

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