Monday, April 23, 2007

Tissue, Anyone?

I've wanted to write a post on this topic some time ago, but time constrain (I wonder if this is the real reason) have cause me to postpone it till today. Back to this tissue thing, I'm not very sure if I can call it as their culture, but I can assure you that this thing can be seen quite often in streets and shopping complexes in Japan. So, what is this tissue thing all about actually?
these are the packets of tissue I got
Well, when you are walking down the streets or in the shopping complexes, there'll be people standing and circulating packets of tissue to you. I seen this for the first time as early as the first night I arrived in Japan when I was still in Gotanda, Tokyo. But at that time, my friends took it but I didn't.
I found out later that the main purpose for them to give away these packets of tissue is as a medium of advertisement and not just giving tissues away (that's not a surprise, right?). There'll be paper put together inside the packet of tissues which advertise on something, such as handphone or some restaurant. Sometimes, if you are lucky enough, they'll even some other stuff like keychains. So far, I've got two of such packets and I know I'll be getting more after this.
And how true it proved to be as I got another packet of tissue again today when I when out to open my bank account and do some shopping at the Nagaoka Station (it's more common for us to called it Eki, which means station). By the way, I have finally managed to open my bank account after getting our stamp (印鑑) earlier this week. Well, for your info, they don't use signature when applying for anything. Instead, they use stamp.
and the latest packet of tissue with an advertisement leaflet
大光銀行 (Taiko Bank), where we opened our bank account
P/S: To some who have requested me to write something more interesting, something that we don't find it in Malaysia, well I guess this posting is just right, isn't it? And about my thoughts and feeling, well they will be posted some time later perhaps coz at the moment I don't think there's much to write about :)

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