Tuesday, April 17, 2007

You'd Better Memorise Their Names

We were assigned an assignment by our English lecturer, Mr Mort last Wednesday. And we will be presenting it tomorrow. But the way I'm describing the assignment is as if it's a tough one, isn't it? Well, if I were to describe what we were supposed to do, then I guess it may come as a surprise to most of you. We were asked to memorise all the characters in the text book we are using. Well, looking at the textbook, then I guess you can roughly guess where is the level of English we are studying here. I think it's somewhere between Form 1 or 2 in back in Malaysia.
the 9 characters we were supposed to memorise!

So, our tutors, Tanaka and Tsubata came to our room to do some memorising practise together. It went for about half an hour, just to memorise the names of the characters. Well, as I'm not good in remembering people's name and recognising people's face, I didn't really managed to memorise all those character. But I think tomorrow I shouldn't have any problem with Jerry (Mr Mort).
just look at the text and you'll get the idea of what kind of English we are currently learning

I know some of you will be thinking what is the rational of we, the Malaysian foreign student having to study English here. Well, it's in the timetable and I guess this is the only chance (excluding among the Malaysians, but we also hardly speak English among ourselves; mostly BM or Chinese) we can speak English while we are in Japan. And this is just the conversation period. For another English class, the lecturer (a Japanese guy) speak mostly Japanese while teaching English! Now you know why their English sucks (no disrespect to them though).

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