Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nagaoka Is Not A Kampung!

There are people who has been saying that the kosen I chose is located in a kampung area. Okay, I'm not trying to compare Nagaoka with Tokyo. Neither that I'm saying that it's a big city. But as a prove that Nagaoka is not really a kampung, here are some of the pics I took in the town when I was out shopping last weekend.
I know this looks like a kampung
this one is not an exception either
this has further confirming Nagaoka is a kampung
you might be thinking I've been in denial, right?
this lalang makes it tougher for me to deny that Nagaoka is a kampung
at least it's not all rumah papan here
kampung don't have Jusco
they don't have McDonald's as well
well, this town is not so kampung after all, right?
at least there is a signboard


SuwaN said...

erm.. wah. here is Japan? Look like kampung but must comfortable.
And, got Jusco? i though Jusco is Malaysia company, haha, i am stupid.
But i like to live in the environment like your photo.

Calvin said...

suwan: well, this doesn't really reflect the real japan la. i guess you got to see the photos from my trip to tokyo. then you'll know how japan looks like :)

i prefer this kind of environment rather than city life. i know it’s fun living in big city like tokyo, but I just can’t stand the hectic life in such a packed metropolitan. i guess my place here is much better, especially as a studying place.

p/s: before this, i thought that jusco is a malaysian company as well. but actually it’s a japanese company!