Sunday, April 1, 2007

(OGA Annual Dinner) And Farewell

Before I go any further, I just got to know that my flight will be delayed for 2 days. So now I'll be flying on Wednesday night! Kinda last minute thing, but I think there's no problem about it. It just mean that I can spend more time here.
I'll continue with this farewell thing. As the title suggests, I have no choice but to put the OGA thing there coz we did our farewell at the annual dinner. That's the reason that bracket is there. Never mind about that. Anyway, we asked for a table for Class 04. It was subsidised by Mr Loh (if I'm not mistaken). Actual ticket price was RM35, but we got it for just RM15. So, we save some there.
I have no idea what's going on on the stage
At first, there were 2 vacant place left on our table. But when all were there, it was full. Kinda funny. I'm not sure who filled those 2 places. Even Ferdi got to tell Mun Keong (who just arrived from KL that night) not to come coz no more places left. So who were those 10 from our table. Ferdi, Zhen Hui, Kelvin, Han Boon, Chao Jin, Tiong Ming, Chin Fong, Gabriel, Chen Yip and me, of course.
from left to right: me, Ferdi, Zhen Hui and Kelvin
We just chatted through the night. We managed to catch up with some of the SGI's teachers who were there, like Pn. Kuna, Pn. Aeria, Pn. Chan and Mr. Hooi. Mr. Onn was with them as well. And the ever funny teacher came to our table to yam seng too. Did you belanja our table for the beers, sir? We wasn't sure about that actually... Haha... But it was Han Boon who asked Mr. Onn to come over. But he misunderstood and called for beers for our table! Everyone drank (not drunk!), even Zhen Hui (it was his first time). But for Gabriel, Mr. Chan got to help him with it coz he didn't drink it at all, not even a single drop!
here we go
and again...
Later it continue with songs from a band from somewhere. Some of them even went dancing. Mr. Onn, accompanied by some formers students did cha-cha dance. It was not bad at all. The dinner ended with a lucky draw. But, of 10 of us from the table of Class 04, not even a single of us got lucky this time. Anyway, it was nice to meet up with them before I leave for Japan next Monday. But didn't I mention just now that my flight will be delayed for 2 days?
Well, I don’t know if you've realise it, but today's April 1st. And yea, it's Aprils Fool. Was it lame? Haha!
P/S: My flight will still be as scheduled earlier, which is on the 2nd April midnight.


tang yii said...

u.. ah!!!!

calvin said...

haha, didn't expect u kena trick by my posting on april fools. i though no one will ever believe it...but mana tau...u!! haha!!!

replacement said...

hmm..kononnya xwan drink beer..b4 go jpn oso drink ady..nw ler..haih..xno u la..control ar..abo ltr at nite..u noe la..i still xno whther u same room wit honey nvrmd la.take care la k..btw,i waited 4u 2 col me b4 u ee..
p/s:hmm..dt nite,me n my fren talking bout ur finger la!!dat theory...u noe..hahaha..miss u la btw..k la..rak kun!(thai)

calvin said...

i just drank a can nia, k? actually i reached the airport kinda late that day. so was busy doing the check-in stuff and hang around with family and friends. sorry la, k?

btw, what finger thing wo. just tell them that theory cannot pakai wan la.