Monday, April 9, 2007

My First Day In School

Today is my first day in school. I mean my class started today. We got 3 period altogether today, where each period lasted for 90 minutes. As usual, the will be students who fall asleep. That's nothing unusual, right? But in my class, it's more than that. Some will get to the toilet more than 5 times a period. Some chatting around as if there's no one in front. But the lecturer just ignore them. Some playing games, watching TV, sms-ing through their handphone.
The class wasn't much in sense of what the lecturer (I prefer to call them sensei) thought today. I say this maybe because I don't really have any idea what's being thought. Some are pretty new things. But I don't think I'm worried too much coz it was the same when we enter our 2nd year in PPKTJ before this. We should have our class till 4pm today but the PJ period is just for girls. So got the chance to get back earlier than usual. By the way, of the 47 students in my class, there is just a girl.
I guess it's hard to mixed with all of them at once coz they seemed to mixed in groups (berpuak-puak). Get what I mean? But that doesn't mean I haven't made any new friends besides my tutors as I got to know my tutor's friends already. And they are very friendly and 'interesting' in many sense as well.
We'll be getting out password and ID for our internet access later this evening. So maybe I'll be able to online from my room pretty soon. That's all for this post I think.

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