Monday, April 2, 2007

My Last Day In Malaysia

It went smoothly. Before I headed to KLIA, I had dinner together with my parents, sisters, grandma and aunty. It was actually kinda rare for us to have a dinner together, especially outside. But since I'm leaving, I guess it's nice to have a dinner together. After the dinner, our initial plan to stop at my aunty's place was cancelled as we were in a hurry to the airport.
So, I drove straight to KLIA along with my aunty's car as well. By the time we reached there, most of them have already checked-in. So, I straight went to settle the checking-in stuff. And I was relieved that my all-the-time kek sim thing went without any problems. What was actually the kek sim thing? Well, it's actually my luggage limit. JPA told us it's 20kg, but in the end, they allowed up till 25kg. At least I don't have to pay for the extra weight as my luggage was 24.2 kg.
911!!! (Sept 11) the room number where we stayed before heading for KLIA...
my mum merasmikan the sayur first
After that, we just hang around in the airport, chatting with our lecturers who came all the way to send us off. Among them were Eikawa Sensei, Atsuko Sensei, Kodama Sensei, Kojou Sensei, Takata Sensei, Itou Sensei, Kotake Sensei and also Nezu Sensei (with cute little Ryuusei Khun as well). King Peng and Looi also came down to KLIA. King Peng, thanks for the card.
As for Looi, I'll never forget your present for me. Don't worry, I won't laugh at what u gave me. I just can't resist not to mention here what you gave me. A packet of Mamee. Thanks a lot! Well, I know you've tried helping me out on that matter, but as expected, it didn't seem to work out. But thanks to be at my side when I need it the most. What you told me the night before (through sms) and at the airport (that you are going to delete it) made me think again, and I guess made me realized something. Life must go on, isn't it? I got that feeling while in the plane and when I landed in Japan.
Around 2130, we got a short briefing from En. Farzi from JPA. After the briefing, we we told that the boarding is at 2200. It was far earlier than we had expected. And yes, before I board, I CRIED. I'm not really good in elaborating this part, but I cried. Period. And we get ready to get into the plane.
We took off at around 2355. It was my first time in a plane. It was a nice experience. I got a seat next to the window and a Japanese guy happened to be just next to me. But since I didn't speak any Japanese for the last 1 month plus, I didn't have the guts to start a conversation with him. Didn't get to take photos from the window inside the plane as I didn't sit exactly next to the window. But here are some of the photos i took in KLIA.
with dad, mum and sis
with dad, mum and lil sis
my sisters
my lil sis
my aunty
Kodama Sensei (Chemistry lecturer)
with Looi who came all the way (by the way, thanks for the Mamee!!)
from left: Jonathan, Khee Cheng, Wai Tatt, Yi Fuan, Mingrong, me and Yew Keong

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